Tuition Bursaries | St. Clair College

Domestic full-time post secondary students who have a satisfactory academic standing (minimum GPA 2.0) are eligible to apply for a tuition bursary. Students must be in financial need in order to receive assistance. For administration purposes, the College defines financial need, as follows: "Where the total annual cost of attending College exceeds available income". The amount of the tuition bursary awarded varies based on the number of eligible applicants and the funds available. Only one tuition bursary may be awarded per academic year. Applications are available online or by contacting the Financial Aid Office.


A Tuition Bursary is a gift of money from the College that is awarded once per academic year to a deserving student who shows a financial need. A T4A slip will be issued for income tax purposes. Due to the number of applications we receive and the limited amount of funds available for distribution, bursaries will be awarded based on the number of applicants who qualify.

Who may Apply?

Tuition bursaries are available to domestic post-secondary students who are registered full-time and have a satisfactory academic standing (minimum GPA 2.0).
Please note that processing takes approximately four to eight weeks. Should you qualify to receive an award, a tuition bursary cheque will be mailed to you. Should you owe money to the College, the Tuition Bursary will be used to pay the debt.

Where to Apply?

Applications are posted each term on the Scholarship & Bursary Applications page and are also available from the Financial Aid office.