Tutoring Services | St. Clair College

FREE tutoring services are available on all campuses to enrolled students who need assistance to improve academic performance. Every effort is made to provide students with an appropriate tutor within a week of request. However, we cannot guarantee that a tutor will be available for every course.

One-on-one tutoring may be available in person or through a virtual meeting using MS Teams. Evening and weekend tutoring is generally offered through virtual meetings. In some cases, we may need to assign you a tutor from another campus and those sessions are conducted virtually. You may also request to meet with your tutor virtually.

Do I need a tutor?

  • Are you unsatisfied with your grades?
  • Do you need help understanding or improving an assignment or homework?
  • Is your understanding of concepts fuzzy?
  • Do you need practice in organizing information?
  • Are you falling behind or are feeling "lost"?
  • Do you need encouragement to improve your self‐confidence?
  • Do you need help in developing a good problem‐solving strategy?
  • Would you like another point of view? Another explanation of major concepts?
  • Does it help you to verbalize and talk out concepts?
  • Would you like help reviewing for exams?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you would benefit from seeing a tutor.

One-on-one Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutors can provide one-on-one help with course content, and pass along useful study strategies, but they will not do a student's homework or assignments.

Peer Tutoring gives you:

  • Help to prepare for quizzes, tests and exams.
  • A study partner who can help you understand and remember your material.
  • The perspective and support of a student who knows how to succeed academically.
  • The opportunity to build confidence in your own academic skills.

Walk-In Tutoring

Walk-in tutoring provides short tutoring sessions on a first-come, first-served basis in our Tutoring Labs according to a posted schedule. Walk-in tutoring is provided for common subjects such as Math and popular courses such as Pre-Health Chemistry and Biology. Walk-in tutoring varies by campus and tutor availability. Stop by one of our labs for a schedule:

  • Chatham Campus: Room W1026M
  • Downtown Campus: SCCA - Room Q0032
  • Windsor Campus: Rooms 2112 & 2302

Writing Support

Walk-in Writing Support is available on campus, please ask our staff for a schedule. Writing Support tutors take first come, first served requests for paper and assignment review and help as many students as possible during their walk-in time.

Writing support by appointment is available. Please email tutoringservices@stclaircollege.ca with a request for writing support using your college email. You will be asked to email your assignment to your Writing Support tutor in advance and assigned tutors will contact you by college email to arrange an in-person or a Microsoft Teams online meeting to provide feedback. Available hours per week are limited.


Group tutoring provides an effective setting for students to learn from each other with the assistance of a peer or faculty facilitator. In order to meet demand, appointments may be group appointments with up to three (3) other students.

Indigenous Student Services

Additional tutoring services can be arranged for Indigenous students through our Indigenous Student Services.

To apply for a tutor:

Simply drop by one of the tutoring locations listed below or you can apply through your Student Self-Service account.

Contact Info:

For contact information, visit our Contact Info page.