Technical Skills | St. Clair College

There are several important online platforms that you will use during your career as a St. Clair College student including Blackboard, our learning management system; Student Information System (SIS, your college account; and MS Office Online, which includes your college email and OneDrive. But it all starts with MYST.CLAIR - your student portal.

Student Portal - MYST.CLAIR

You can access the student portal from or from the main college webpage:

mySt.Clair location on website

Enter your college email address and your password to log in. Once logged in, you will be presented with several tiles, each representing a software package or utility that you can access:

mySt.Clair tile layout

  1. Blackboard - Blackboard is our online learning management system (LMS). Here you will find all your online courses and your professor may also use Blackboard as a companion to in-person classes.
  2. College Webmail - College Webmail is your college email account presented in Microsoft 365 Outlook. You should check your email daily.
  3. OneDrive - OneDrive is your online file storage system, part of Microsoft 365. You can upload all your student files to OneDrive and if you use Microsoft 365 online programs, such as MS Word, files you create will be automatically saved to your OneDrive.
  4. SIS - SIS is your student account with the college. It includes your registrations, finances, schedule, grades and more. All the tiles outlined in the red box (tiles 4 - 13) are part of your SIS. This tile logs you into the main SIS page.
  5. SIS Code of Rights - SIS Code of Rights is a section of SIS that you MUST log into and review to OPEN your courses on Blackboard. This section reviews the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities and our Academic Integrity Attestation. You MUST indicate that you are reviewed both and SUBMIT.
  6. COVID 19 Questionnaire - COVID 19 Questionnaire is a section of SIS that you will use if you will be coming on campus. You will fill out the online form with the campus and room numbers you will be accessing for the day and answer COVID 19 screening questions. You submit this form to be granted access. If granted, you will receive an email that you can then show to security along with photo id at entry points on campus.
  7. SIS Grades - SIS Grades is the section of SIS that lists your grades by semester. These are your final semester grades. Your grades during the semester for a test or an assignment in a particular course will be listed in your Blackboard course.
  8. SIS Transcript - SIS Transcript shows your grades and grade point average for each semester that you have been enrolled in the college.
  9. SIS Fees - SIS Fees is the financial section of SIS. This contains information about your tuition and fees as well as your payments.
  10. SIS Swap Course - SIS Swap Course is the section of SIS where you can change your Elective Block for a General Education Course of you choosing on a first come, first served basis. More information about Electives are available from our Registrar’s Office.
  11. SIS Timetable - SIS Timetable is the section of SIS where you can view and print your schedule of classes for the semester.
  12. SIS Mid Terms - SIS Mid Terms is the section of SIS where you can view your mid term status reports. Mid-semester, each professor will indicate if you are on track for successfully completing the course (Green) or not (Yellow or Red).
  13. SIS Scholarship - SIS Scholarship is the section of SIS where you can apply for Scholarships at St. Clair College. The college has many scholarships available. More information is available from our Financial Aid office.
  14. LinkedIn Learning - LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with short courses available on subjects such as computer software programs, communications, management, marketing and more. This is a premium service of LinkedIn but is provided to you as a St. Clair College student at no charge. Some professors will assign short courses in LinkedIn Learning as a supplement to your in-class or online materials. You may also pursue your own interests with these free courses.
  15. Gartner - Gartner is the global leader in providing accurate and current research for the IT industry. Students are provided premium access to Gartner research and articles at no cost and can obtain insight on the current trends in technology, information technology management, business issues, organizations, strategy as well as a global perspective on the IT industry.
  16. Office 365 Dashboard - Office 365 Dashboard (now called Microsoft 365) provides you access to the online versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more. This software suite provides you with no charge access to many of the programs you will need to complete homework, assignments, presentations, and projects. You are also able to download MS Office software on to personal devices such as laptops and mobile phones to support you in your studies.
  17. Word Online - Word Online takes you directly to MS Word so that you can take notes or start writing a paper. Word Online is linked to your OneDrive and will automatically save your work.
  18. Excel Online - Excel Online takes you directly to MS Excel so that you can create spreadsheet for personal or course related purposes. Excel Online is linked to your OneDrive and will automatically save your work.
  19. Parking - Parking takes you directly to your Parking account. You can request and pay for a parking pass, pay, or appeal parking tickets, view campus parking maps and register your vehicle.
  20. My Photo - My Photo take you directly to the website where you upload your photo for your St. Clair OneCard (your student card). OneCard is essential to campus life at St. Clair College. Currently, your OneCard is St. Clair College's official identification card, library card and print card. Your OneCard is required for writing in-person exams. More information on OneCard.
  21. My Prints - My Prints is part of your OneCard. You used your OneCard to release print jobs at college printers on campus. When your 1500 print credits are used up, you can add funds to your OneCard cash account.
  22. My Password - My Password take you to the St. Clair ONE portal. You have one log in for all our platforms. The St. Clair ONE portal will help you manage your password and account.
  23. IT Help Desk - IT Help Desk is used to contact our College IT Help Desk with question or problems with your St. Clair ONE account. You can use the Help Desk to set up a ticket for our IT staff to respond to or to search our Knowledge Base for self-help. As a student, you also have access to our IT Help for students where you can chat live, call, or email for support through services provided by AlphaKOR Group. St. Clair College Support Help Desk | AlphaKOR Group