General Education (Elective) Requirements | St. Clair College

In programs of instruction leading to either an Ontario College Diploma or an Ontario College Advanced Diploma, it is required that graduates have been engaged in learning that exposes them to at least one discipline outside their main field of study and increases their awareness of the society and culture in which they live and work. This is accomplished by students taking 3 courses (or the equivalent) designed discretely and separately from vocational learning opportunities.

General Education Electives may fall under one of the following themes.

  • Civic Life
  • Social and cultural understanding
  • Personal understanding
  • Science and technology
  • Arts in Society

General Education Electives

Elective information will be released to students the week of August 16th for the Fall semester.

*normally available 2 weeks prior to classes starting

How to Choose Your Elective   How to Choose an Elective