Dental Assisting - Level I & II | St. Clair College
One Year - Ontario College Certificate
3 continuous semesters ending in June
Starts: September
Sherry Frey
519-972-2727 ext. 4409

Program Overview

This program prepares students to assume a position as a dental assistant / intra-oral health care provider, capable of working with health professionals in a variety of settings. The role of a Level II dental assistant involves precise and detailed work in a confined environment, including chairside and laboratory duties, instrument reprocessing as per current IPAC guidelines, maintaining infection control along with intra-oral skills such as selective coronal polishing, oral hygiene instruction, application of pit and fissure sealants, fluoride application, and teeth whitening processes.

Program Highlights

  • Graduates of this program are respected health care professionals that perform a variety of roles including; clinical, education, health promotion, business administration and laboratory duties consistent with national standards.
  • Accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.
  • Level II includes 15 intra-oral duties.
  • Clinical placements.
  • On campus dental clinic provides a practical learning environment.
  • Students are eligible for certification by the Ontario Dental Assistants Association (ODAA) and the Canadian Dental Assistants Association (CDAA).
  • Upon successful completion of the National Dental Assisting Examining Board Exam (NDAEB) the graduate is eligible to practice as a Level II Dental Assistant.

Career Opportunities

Numerous opportunities exist for graduates as dental assistants, office administrators and treatment coordinators in general practice and specialty dental offices. Other opportunities include public health departments, hospitals, armed forces, college/university dental clinics, and sales.

Admission Requirements

OSSD with the majority of courses at the College (C), University (U), University/College (M) or Open (O) level plus successful completion of:

  • Senior Level Chemistry (C) or (U)
  • Senior Level Biology (C) or (U)
  • Grade 12 English - ENG4U, ENG4C, EAE4U or EAE4C


  • equivalent courses from the Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees program or the Academic and Career Entrance program.

Mature students - See Admission Procedures for details.

Field/Clinical Placements

Applicants are required to have the following completed prior to clinical placement. You are responsible for the associated costs, and these MUST be obtained by you, the student.

  • Standard First Aid (online courses are NOT acceptable)
  • CPR Level C/HCP with AED awareness - which includes training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the basic support level, including one-rescuer and two-rescuer CPR for adults, children, and infants; the relief of foreign body airway obstructions for adults, children, and infants; the use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED- awareness); and the use of ambu-bags. (Online courses are NOT acceptable)
  • College Placements and Employers require up-to-date CLEAR POLICE CLEARANCE (vulnerable sector screening)
    • Obtain the Police Clearance by the first week of your first semester
    • Clinical placements may be on day, afternoon or weekend shifts ANYWHERE within Ontario.
    • You are responsible for travel and accommodation costs.

Health Requirements

  • Medical Requirements Form
  • A satisfactory medical exam.
  • An up-to-date immunization record including tetanus and diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox), Hepatitis B (incl. Hep B titre within the last 24 months) and TB skin test.


The curriculum below is for incoming students:

Semester 1
Code Title Credits
Microbiology & Oral Pathology
Preventive Dentistry & Health
Dental Materials I
Introductory Nutrition
Orofacial Anatomy
Professional Aspects Of Dental Assisting
Dental Radiography I
Clinical I
Anatomy And Physiology
Clinic Process Of Care
Semester 2
Code Title Credits
Dental Health Education
Dental Practice Management
Special Procedure & Emergency Care
Dental Materials II
Nutrition II
Dental Radiography II For Dental Assisting
Clinical II
Semester 3
Code Title Credits
Dental Office Consolidation
Clinical Theory III
Clinical Practice III
Dental Specialty Clinical

Your Investment

The standard tuition and compulsory fees for the current academic year:

2020-2021 Tuition Fees

For programs with Experiential Learning (Work Placement/Internship): Costs for accommodation, if needed, travel and related expenses is at the student's own expense. It is recommended for most programs, that students have access to a laptop or desktop computer while away from home during experiential learning periods.

Textbooks and other materials are in addition to Tuition Fees. Textbook prices may be found through the Bookstore website.

Please be aware that tuition and compulsory fees are subject to adjustment each year. The College reserves the right to change, amend or alter fees as necessary without notice or prejudice.

Program Physical Demands Analysis

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) (Ontario College Certificate) (MTCU Code 41629)

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Maintain client and personal safety in the practice environment.
  2. Contribute to the development of a comprehensive client profile by using a variety of data collection methods in collaboration with the client and other health professionals and in compliance with privacy legislation.
  3. Contribute to the development of a comprehensive plan for oral health services and programs in collaboration with the client and other health professionals.
  4. Provide oral health services and programs, as identified in the comprehensive plan and as permitted within the scope of practice.
  5. Contribute to the evaluation and reporting of appropriate aspects of the oral health services and programs by using a variety of sources including the client profile.
  6. Act in a professional and competent manner.
  7. Maintain client records and manage office procedures in compliance with relevant legislation and regulations

Additional Information

  • Fall Incoming Student Information
  • This program is recognized by the Canadian Forces! Students who have been accepted into the Dental Assisting program and are considering a career in the CF may apply to the CF through a Canadian Forces paid education program. If accepted, students receive subsidized college tuition, books and academic equipment, in addition to a salary with benefits and a guaranteed job upon graduation. For more information on paid education, go to FORCES.CA.