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There is a risk of accident and personal injury in learning to operate a motorcycle.



Participants must be 16 years of age or older to enroll in the motorcycle training courses.  Participants under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver prior to partaking in these courses.

Transfer, Withdrawal and Refund Policy:

Participants that do not attend the scheduled course that they have registered for, or arrive late, will not be eligible for a refund.  

Transfers to another scheduled course date will be made at the discretion of the college and may be subject to applicable charges. Transfers must be requested at least ONE business day prior to the course date that you are scheduled to attend.  

To request a refund, a formal withdrawal must be provided to the college at least ONE business day prior to the course date that you are scheduled to attend. After the start date of the course, refunds may be granted for unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the college management. Requests must be submitted to the college within 5 business days.

The following items are mandatory to be eligible to participate in this Motorcycle training courses:

  • Sturdy jacket (leather, denim, or other sturdy materials) and pants (heavy slacks or jeans) - holes are unacceptable. A waterproof jacket is recommended for rainy days - courses run rain or shine.
  • Sturdy boots (i.e., riding boots, work boots, hiking boots) or motorcycle shoes that cover and support the ankle *Only closed-toe and flat-heeled shoes/boots are acceptable*
  • Full-fingered leather gloves/ full-fingered riding gloves
  • *An "Approved" helmet - recommended is a full-face helmet with a face shield. Half helmets and open face helmets are acceptable however, you cannot use novelty or beanie-type helmets (* exceptions may apply)
  • Eye protection - helmet shields, goggles, safety glasses or sunglasses are acceptable. Glasses must be impact resistant.
  • A valid Ontario "M1" beginners' motorcycle license for the MOT 103N and MOT 115N courses
  • A valid Ontario “M2” Class motorcycle license for the MOT 112N course

For general inquiries please contact (519) 972-2727, Ext. 4575.

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