Motorcycle Riding - Class M2 License Training | St. Clair College

CANADA SAFETY COUNCIL'S 'GEARING UP' PROGRAM This Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Program provides on the bike practical instruction for the beginner: no previous experience is necessary. While most of the course is practical, information is also given on: motorcycle maintenance, defensive driving, risk awareness and rules of the road. The course provides motorcycles, fuel and lubricants, expert instruction, written materials, student kit and testing and evaluation for your M2 Motorcycle Driver's license. Canada Safety Council certificates will only be awarded to students upon successful completion of the training hours AND testing. Pre-requisite: Ontario M1 beginner permit.


Campus Section Class Dates Fee Status
Windsor 053 7842
  • Oct 16 - 17 Sat Sun 8:00AM-6:00PM
$445.00 Full