International Partners | St. Clair College

While based in Windsor and Chatham, St. Clair very much considers itself to be an "international college". The college is proud of being located in an ethnically diverse community, surrounded by global organizations, all of which complement our programs that prepare graduates for their future as international citizens. With students, faculty, and the community presenting a welcoming international perspective, St. Clair has also built partnerships with institutions around the globe.

International Academic Partnerships


Kunming Metallurgy College logo

Kunming Metallurgy College

Zhengzhou Information Engineering Vocational College logo

Zhengzhou Information Engineering Vocational College


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University of Panama/Universidad de Panamá

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Technological University of Panama/Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá

Canadian Language School Partnerships

With our Languages Canada accredited English as a Second Language (ESL) program, St. Clair offers language instruction that often leads to acceptance into the college's over one hundred post-secondary and post graduate programs. In providing a seamless pathway into academic programs, the college also has articulation agreements with language schools in Toronto and across Canada including: