Employer Testimonials | St. Clair College

Below are a few testimonials from employers who have hired students of the Mobile Applications Development program:

As a Digital Project Manager, I work very closely with a wide variety of developers. Time and time again I am impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism that the Mobile Development Program graduates demonstrate.

- Aisling Douglas, Digital Project Manager, Alteris Canada

Alaa Shaheen

The MAD program is a strong and well-rounded program, which produces knowledgeable students ready for work as software developers. As an employer, I have been very impressed with the skill level of the MAD programs graduates and have found it to be a very valuable recruiting pool.

- Alaa Shaheen, TapLane Inc.

Alan Crouse

We’ve just hired our first employee from the Mobile Applications Development program and we’ve been nothing short of completely satisfied. The program builds the developer’s ability and confidence in coding but also nurtures an understanding in the user experience of an application.  In an ever-changing world of technology, the program successfully strives to stay modern and up-to-date, teaching some of the newest platforms as they emerge.

- Alan Crouse - Partner, Generator Design of Canada Inc.