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This Preceptorship course, designed for students in Semester V Practical Nursing Program, is built on the theory and skills in all previous courses. Students are provided with opportunities to integrate previous acquired knowledge and practical skills in various clinical settings. The focus of this pre-graduate clinical experience in an acute care and/or community setting, is to help students with the transition from the role of nursing student to a beginning graduate. This course supports the role transformation of the practical nurse student allowing the student to consolidate theoretical and clinical knowledge, thereby demonstrating competent nursing care at an independent level within the role and scope of the practical nurse. Students will organize and manage workload comparable to that of a beginning registered practical nurse. The student will interact, collaborate and consult with members of the health care team to achieve working relationships, respond to changes and manage resources to provide effective and efficient care. During this practicum, the student must provide client-centered, safe, knowledgeable, empathetic and efficient nursing care. The student will provide verbal/written reports regarding changes in the nursing care plan on an ongoing basis, to appropriate members of the health care team with the primary aim to provide safe competent care. Student evaluation is based on the application of theoretical knowledge, safe practice, communication both written and verbal, attitude toward learning, and acceptance of nursing responsibilities and self-evaluation.