Virtual Orientation | St. Clair College

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve joined us for your virtual orientation. We know how exciting and nerve-racking beginning college can be, especially during these unprecedented times, so we are here to provide you with some tips, as well as prepare you for what you can expect during your online classes.

Did you know that we have students from 62 countries on campus – from Tanzania to India to China and Colombia - so to our home town students and to those from around the globe – welcome to St. Clair College!

Here is a message from our St. Clair College President Patti France:


We have developed a resource for you that will help you get introduced to the college and to help you to be successful. THRIVES is a toolbox of information and resources that will be available through Blackboard. This will help in your transition in to this new education environment by highlighting St. Clair's culture and expectations of students. You can explore study skills and strategies useful for learning at the college level. You will become aware of the many services available to you. Learn about ways to improve your physical, mental and financial wellness.

We believe this resource is so important for your success, we are going to offer up some prizes, including a $500 bursary as incentive for you to complete the modules.

The more module completion tests you do, the more entries you will have in the draw! So do them all for more chances to win.

The modules we recommend you complete are:

  • Introduction to Thrives
  • Successful Students Have Goals
  • Successful Students Attend Class
  • Successful Students Ask for Help
  • Successful Students Take Responsibility
  • Successful Students Get Involved

To get started with THRIVES in Blackboard, we have provided instructions on how to log in and find the course and modules. Again, welcome to St. Clair College. We are here to help you with your education journey.


Your Student Government

There are three exceptional student governing bodies at St. Clair College. The Student Representative Council (SRC) is at the Windsor Campus, along with the Student Athletic Association (SAA). Thames Students Inc. (TSI) oversees all of the activities at the Thames Campus.

Student Representative Council

SRC is an active student government that can give you the opportunity to learn how to run a large organization, plan events, and develop programs that benefit the student body at large. Why not run for office? Being a member of Council is a paid position, providing not only a great opportunity to earn money, but to be part of student governance on campus. Joining the Student Council is just one of the many ways you can make the most of college life.

SRC Logo

Thames Students Inc.

TSI in Chatham also has a very active student government and provides lots of opportunities for students to get involved. Plan events, hold fundraisers, and get involved in the community, both inside the college and outside as well.

TSI Logo

Student Athletic Association

SAA is a group of students dedicated to improving the student experience through sport and recreation. They help with the facilitation of both the varsity and intramural programs within the college. Some of the activities offered by the SAA include individual/team sports, intramural tournaments, day trips and special events. Get involved – and cheer on your SAINTS!

SAA Logo