St. Clair College Dental Clinic Hosts 'Kiddie Day' | St. Clair College
Friday, March 8, 2024
Kick Out the Germs poster on desk with mouth prop

The Dental Clinic recently welcomed elementary students for a special 'Kiddie Day' event, combining essential check-ups, engaging educational sessions with enjoyable activities. The event not only provided valuable dental care but also left a lasting impression on the young participants, who eagerly shared their written gratitude with the faculty.

One enthusiastic student exclaimed, "Hi! I had the best time ever. I had so much fun doing all the oral health lessons. But my favorite activity was the brushing activity, with a big toothbrush and big teeth. Well, I liked everything. I had so much fun I want to come back again."

Another student expressed appreciation, saying, "I loved the cool glasses. Thanks for letting me play as I got my check-up! The activities were really fun too. Thanks for having us over!"

The dental hygienist was praised with remarks of gratitude, "I want to say that you are a good dental hygienist. I really liked all the fun activities, especially the Playdoh one and the colouring pages. I also really liked when you checked my teeth. It was really fun. Thank you for the toothbrushes too. I really hope I can come again."

Ultimately, the "Kiddie' day was a successful event that benefited the elementary students who were in attendance. The script of one student emanated that very thought. "I'll never forget that brushing your teeth only cleans the teeth 60% and flossing does the whole other 40%! I had so much fun at the St. Clair Dental Clinic!" One student said.

The Dental Clinic at St. Clair College is situated within the Anthony P. Toldo Centre for Applied Health Sciences. It offers a comprehensive range of services, including complete oral inspection, necessary x-rays, periodontal scaling/root planning, periodontal probing, selective polishing, fluoride treatment, sealants, oral hygiene instructions, and nutritional counseling. The college's dental programs are Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting I & II.