The $s & Cents of College | St. Clair College

Did You Know?

  • 89.6% of college graduates felt their program provided the knowledge and skills that would be useful in their future career.
  • Student to full-time faculty at St. Clair College is 21 students for every faculty member.
  • This investment today in your son or daughter's college education will yield them almost $535,000 more in income over a 25-year career thanks to their college diploma.
  • 84% of St. Clair College graduates are employed within six months of graduation. And employers have said it best - 88.7% are satisfied with the knowledge, skills, and job readiness of graduates.

Helping your son or daughter choose a career and map out an educational pathway is a major accomplishment. Paying for that education is another monumental task. While most Canadian parents hope their children will pursue post-secondary studies, less than half of parents have money set aside. Those with savings find they are substantially short of the total average cost of attending college or university.* Are you prepared? Take some time to count your resources and to calculate the cost of a post-secondary education.

Review Your Costs

Have you been realistic? Can any amounts be reduced?

Review Your Resources

Have you considered all possible sources of income? Your child could be eligible for OSAP, the Ontario Student Assistance Plan.

Application packages are available at the St. Clair College Financial Aid Office, or you can visit for application or more information.