Testimonials | St. Clair College

Below are a few testimonials from graduates of the Mobile Applications Development program: 

Carmen Kerim

I choose to learn from the best when it comes to learning how to code, the Mobile Application Development program was exactly that. The atmosphere was interactive, hands-on, and the professors were beyond supportive. They prepared you for the future.

- Carmen Kerim, Software Developer (Mobile and Web)

Jose Georges

Before I began the Mobile Application Development program at St Clair College, I was an international student starting from nothing in a new country, afraid of new adventures and without any programming knowledge. 3 years later, I've gotten a job at a local company here in Windsor, where I build software every day and apply all the skills I learned throughout the MAD program. Today, I can truly say I can go anywhere.

- Jose Georges, Software Developer (Windsor, ON)

Liam Goodwin

The Mobile Applications Program is very well-rounded and teaches you everything you need to know to become a successful, confident developer, ready to tackle the workforce.

- Liam Goodwin, App Developer


Simon Lizotte

The Mobile App Development program gave me the best post-secondary experience I could have acquired. The program prepared me with the skills, knowledge and real-world experience needed in my career as a software developer. All made possible because of an extremely dedicated and knowledgable staff which lead me to where I am today through mentorship and guidance. I owe my success and future successes to them.

- Simon Lizotte, Software Developer

Jonathan Dufour

I started the Mobile Apps program with no programming experience. Over three years I gained a strong foundation in all aspects of software development as well as the real-world knowledge needed to be successful in the IT industry. This allowed me to be confident and prepared for my first job in the industry, I could not be happier with my experience with the program and it’s dedicated instructors.

- Jonathan Dufour, Software Developer

Johnny Nguyen

The Mobile App Development program turned me from a student, to a valuable professional in the IT industry.

- Johnny Nguyen, App Developer


Abel Anderson

I had some previous experience in programming before coming into the Mobile Application Development program, but this program is really enriching that knowledge and helping with the social aspects of my life. This is an amazing learning experience allowing you to develop for more than just Android or IOS, but for yourself.

- Abel Anderson

Ndriçim Strazimiri

Even though I had experience in the field, the Mobile Application Development program helped me to strengthen my skills and update them with the latest technology. The friendly environment helped me adapt to the Canadian market.

- Ndriçim Strazimiri