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This program is the first Advanced Medical Esthetic Practitioner program in the province. It is a Post Graduate, (2 years delivered fast track in 1 year) advanced medical esthetics program. It will prepare students for the ever-growing medical spa industry or to work in conjunction with a medical practitioner, dermatologist or plastic surgeon focusing on the medical esthetician’s scope of treatment within the practice.

Yes. There is a modern teaching medical spa, equipped with a state of the art laser and light therapy devices The teaching spa meets all professional, medical spa/clinic requirements while adhering to high industry standards.

24 students will be selected.

Please contact Brenda Robinson at brobinson@stclaircollege.ca or 519-972-2727 at ext. 4641.

A pre-selected coloured scrub uniform will be available for purchase at the St. Clair College book store.  Clean closed toed shoes with a safe rubber sole are required. (i.e running shoes/nurses shoes).

The medical spa is located in the Toldo Centre for Applied Health Sciences at St. Clair College’s South Campus.

The program starts in September 2019.

Yes. In the third semester, students will gain valuable experience with a 6-week off-site field placement in a Medical Spa/Clinic and 6 weeks experience at the College’s Medical Spa with client treatments.

The College Campus Store is established to serve the needs of the College community for required and supplemental textbooks and supplies. In addition, the Campus Store seeks to serve the College community with a complete line of school supplies and a variety of convenience items including school rings, paperbacks, crested items, soft goods etc.

Lockers can be rented by students. Visit the On-Campus Services page for more information.

Windsor South Campus: 519-972-2727 ext. 5625 or room 278