Windsor Celebrates Indigenous Culture with a Resounding Success at the 3rd Annual Pow Wow | St. Clair College
Monday, May 13, 2024
Indigenous singers

Windsor's 3rd Annual Student and Alumni Pow Wow, a grand celebration of Indigenous heritage, recently captivated the city. Organized by St. Clair College's Indigenous Student Services and the Aboriginal Education Centre at the University of Windsor, the event attracted an impressive gathering of over 2,000 individuals, with a significant number of students from associated school boards exceeding 1,000 in attendance.

The St Clair College Sportsplex came alive with the rhythmic drums and captivating voices of the Little Creek Singers and Eagleflight Singers as participants were treated to an array of traditional dances and regalia adorned with intricate feathers, beads, and ribbons. The air was filled with the scent of burning sweet grass, creating an atmosphere of reverence and celebration.

Muriel Sampson, St. Clair College's Indigenous Counsellor, "In the spirit of reconciliation, St. Clair College is honoured to host the 3rd Annual Student and Alumni Pow Wow. The Pow Wow is a time for the Indigenous Community to gather, to lift up, and celebrate the achievements of Students past and present. To share the diversity, beauty, and resiliency of who we are as Indigenous Peoples. Everyone is welcome to join in this celebration."

The event kicked off with a performance by Western Canadian Music Award recipient for R&B Artist of the Year, Sebastian Gaskin, setting the tone for a weekend of education and enjoyment. The Grand Entries were a highlight, featuring singing, drumming, and a traditional evening feast, alongside a marketplace of Indigenous arts and crafts vendors.

Tina Jacobs, Indigenous Learning Advisor with St. Clair College, expressed "The Student and Alumni Pow Wow is a time to bring everyone together. To feel that heartbeat of the drum, hear the beautiful voices of the singers and to witness the energizing dancers telling the stories of our Indigenous Peoples. A time to share our Indigenous culture with our students and our community."

Jody Noah, Chair of the St. Clair College Indigenous Education Council (IEC) shares on the importance of the event: "The Annual Pow Wow connects people and builds relationships. Everyone comes together to learn and celebrate, prospective students get to spend time in a post-secondary setting, and we get to share our rich history." IEC Co-Chair, Art Barron says "It's wonderful to work with the University, Community Partners and Sponsors to provide a world-class Pow Wow for our students and Windsor-Essex Community. The showcase of talent, culture and Indigenous tradition shown during the three-day event was spectacular."

"St. Clair is honoured to host the Pow Wow this year," said St. Clair College President Patti France. "We're pleased to play a role in fostering an appreciation of Indigenous culture, especially with an event such as this which invites the active participation of local young people. It's a colourful, entertaining, educational and always inspiring festival, and certainly one of the highlights on both our campus calendar and that of the whole community."

The Pow Wow was more than just a celebration; it was a gateway to learning and a builder of unity and understanding among community members. It was a vibrant affirmation of Indigenous cultures, paying tribute to their profound and lasting contributions to our shared narrative.

For more information on future events and cultural initiatives, please contact the St. Clair College's Indigenous Student Services or the University of Windsor Aboriginal Education Centre or