Abnormal Obstetric Sonography | St. Clair College
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The course will ntroduce the student to fetal anatomy, pathology and procedures for diagnostic medical sonography. Emphasis is placed on fetal anomalies and maternal complications throughout all three trimesters. Topics include first trimester sonographic abnormalities including diagnosis of embryonic abnormalities, placental hematomas, associated pelvic masses, and other sonographic findings, second and third trimester sonographic abnormalities including hydrops, various trisomies, cranial and facial altering abnormalities, vertebral column abnormalities, thoracic cavity abnormalities, abdominal wall abnormalities, urinary tract abnormalities, extremity abnormalities, umbilical cord abnormalities, amniotic fluid volumes, and other miscellaneous congenital abnormalities, history and physical examination, related imaging, laboratory, and functional testing procedures, differential diagnosis, role of ultrasound in patient management, viability; and fetal therapy.,