Clinical I | St. Clair College
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The goal of this course is to instruct the student in both the theoretical and practical aspects of general operatory procedures along with intra-oral skills that are recognized as Level II skills. The scope of competencies covered by this course are; patient reception patient seating and dismissal use and maintenance of instruments handpieces and operatory equipment infection control and sterilization. In addition operator positioning for performance of intra-oral skills to include the following; applying and removing rubber dam pre-clinical rubber cup polishing on a dexter applying and removing matrix bands and wedges on a dexter. All other level II competencies will be covered in second semester clinical. Note: All Level II skills have been approved by RCDSO as of May 1999 however delegation of two level II controlled acts (placement of bases and liners and matrix bands and wedges)are currently under review and therefore are not permitted in Ontario dental practice at this time. Concepts and skills of four handed dentistry are also included in this course with emphasis placed upon overall professional conduct interpersonal relations and professional responsibility.