2003 Honourees | St. Clair College
Kent Billinghurst

Kent Billinghurst '93

As a College employee, Kent has been a fixture at St. Clair since the 70's. A faculty member and a local child-rearing guru who shares his knowledge through entertaining and informative parenting seminars or as an expert on call on local radio. For Billinghurst, it all boils down to finding ways to have an impact, and finding ways to place himself in a position to help others. "My goal is to leave a legacy in the lives of people I reach and touch".

Glen Angus

Glen Angus '94

Glen Angus always knew there would be busy days ahead. He just didn't realize until recently that being a successful high end gaming software developer would limit his free time to sleeping hours. Married and living in Wisconsin, Angus applies his talents in several ways, creating concept art, skin textures and cinematic matte paintings. Angus is a former instructor for S. Clair College and was known for his serious approach to his craft. St. Clair sparked the drive for me to become and illustrator as opposed to an unfocused aspiring artist.

Dr. Laura Arbour

Dr. Laura Arbour '76

Dr. Arbour is an Assistant professor in the University of British Columbia Department of Medical Genetics. As a pediatrician and practicing Clinical Geneticist at UBC, she works at the B.C. Women's health centre and she is also chair of the B.C. Children's Hospital Clinical Ethics Committee. "My nursing education helped me to formulate how I saw health care and the practice of medicine. The patient is a person in a family, community and population. Relative health or 'unwellness' impacts on not only the individual but all who are connected to them in various ways."

Cal Haddad

Cal Haddad '94

Former President of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Haddad became a staunch advocate of student life first and St. Clair College. " I've graduated from three other institutions of higher learning, and what I took at St. Clair has benefited me more than anything. I got my teaching certificate, my B.A. and my masters, and it wasn't as hard as my three year Business Diploma." Haddad puts it all down to his dedicated teacher. "My instructors were all so very hard working...they were terrific."

Real Tanguay

Real Tanguay '72

After his first year at the University of Windsor, Tanguay realized he wanted a more practical education and enrolled at St. Clair College, in electrical engineering. "I went to school so that I could get a job," says Tanguay. "I wanted more practical training. My focus was to get in the door. St. Clair College gave me that." Tanguay became the first Canadian to take the top position at Toyota when he became President in March 2002. Attitude is a key factor in anyone's success. "I love to work, and I love to work with people. When you have that attitude, you find your place in the world. You have to always be looking ahead, and willing to do the jobs that no one else wants to do."