2001 Honourees | St. Clair College
Guy Diponio

Guy Diponio '68

Guy earned a tool and die scholarship to the Western Institute of Technology and ended up graduating from the newly named St. Clair College. He would serve as the Development Commissioner at 35 years of age. The single greatest highlight in his tenure was the locating of the Ford Essex Engine plant and Essex Casting facilities in east Windsor. "to do justice to raising a family of four, to do justice to your spouse, and to do justice to your employer and your career, you need to make fine adjustments every day to achieve balance" he says.

Dr. Sheila Horen

Dr. Sheila Horen '84

Dr. Horen graduated from St. Clair's medical Technology program in 1984. She now is a family physician with a thriving practice in Leamington Ontario. She spends 60 plus hours a week with her practice, plus a half-day at Windsor cancer centre and other time as an operating room assistant and her roles for the Essex County Medical Society Executive. "Our country is in dire need of young enthusiastic students (and old energetic alumni) interested in medicine and related fields."

Alan Buterbaugh

Alan Buterbaugh '86

Alan graduated from the Advertising program at St. Clair College in 1986. In 1987 he joined Ross Roy Communications as Account Administrator. By 1994 he was the Senior Account Executive. In January of 2000 Alan became President of McGill - a company that uses technology to help companies sell products. Under his leadership, McGill has tripled in size and completely refined its product and service offerings to anticipate advances in technology and client needs. "(McGill) is not just another dot com company. St. Clair taught me how to deal with people first, and how to deal with communications objective and marketing messages."

Bill Carter

Bill Carter

Bill recalls how St. Clair college influenced his business career and accommodated his needs. "The confidence I gained at St. Clair College allowed me to enter the workforce in January of 1970, even before graduation." Not surprisingly, Carter is a staunch supporter in the value of education, but not just as a means to finding a high paying job. "Most of the instructors at St. Clair College were mentors of mine, and I've kept those relationships alive to this day."