2000 Honourees | St. Clair College
Walter Fox

Walter Fox '72

You'd think, sitting atop the mountain that is a multi-national corporation operating with divisions all across Canada, the western United States and even in Magadan, Russia, that Walter Fox (1972 Business Accounting) is the quintessential aggressive business­man who must win at all costs. And, you'd think in his role as President and CEO of Wajax Limited, a company with 1999 revenues of $1.03-billion, he must be a cutthroat corporate kingpin. And, you'd be wrong. Walter Fox, is, first and foremost, a family man who just happens to run a 150 ­branch conglomerate with a clear sense of immutable business ethics and respect for his 2,700 fellow workers.

Tim Kane

Tim Kane '79

Advertising grad Tim Kane founded Delta Media following nearly two decades ago with leading advertisers, advertising and public relations agencies, as well as governments in Canada and abroad. In his role as Chairman and CEO of Delta Media Inc. and as a member of the Board of Directors of the New York based Worldcom Public Relations Group Inc. Tim has worked with Delta's clients on a wide range of high profile issues. "During the college prep program, I was given an aptitude test that indicated very clearly that I should pure a career in public relations and advertising."

Hazel McDonald

Hazel McDonald '77

Things might have been very different for Hazel McDonald, and by extension the hundreds of people she has touched with her rare gift of caring, if she hadn't listened to her husband Allan's gentle advice one evening long ago. It all started as she prepared to attend a Nursing department open house at St. Clair College in Chatham.

Today, Hazel displays a youthful exuberance about her career as a certified emergency room nurse at the Chatham Kent Health Alliance Hospital. Perhaps it's because her career is really only a small part of what makes Hazel remarkable. She gives from her heart, pays for her trips to Honduras out of her own pocket by working extra shifts at the hospital, and is constantly giving to others. She works very long hours in a high stress area. . . and never stops caring about all humanity and the rights of others. She looks for opportunities to inspire and encourage people to be the best that they can be. She never stops sacrificing, never stops studying, and always encourages other people to study.

Ron Wingelear

Ron Wingelear '77

If there was a person who functioned best while staying out of the limelight, It's St. Clair Plastics Technician grad Ron Wingelear. Long a champion of local charities in Windsor, Ron was the driving force behind the charitable efforts of Recko Tool and Mould for as long as anyone cares to remember. "I just find getting involved with kids very satisfying. It's satisfying to get a kid, even as a coach and help them to believe in themselves" he says.