Spring 2024 - Level One Apprenticeships | St. Clair College

Apprenticeship classes will run 8 weeks – Monday–Friday – April 29–June 21, 2024.

The program is tuition-free and all materials, transportation and room and board (for students outside of Windsor) will be provided. The successful student will earn up to 2 secondary credits as well as their level 1 apprenticeship completion. Students must have a signed training agreement in these trades through OYAP to qualify.

There will be a mandatory Apprenticeship Orientation night on Wednesday, April 17th for all registered students.


Length: 8 Weeks April 29 – June 21

A Hairstylist performs a range of hairstyling services, including cutting, designing colouring, permanent waving, relaxing, and straightening. Specifically, a Hairstylist:

  • performs health, safety, and sanitization procedures
  • performs routine salon functions and service fundamentals
  • treats scalp and hair
  • cuts and styles hair
  • performs chemical treatments such as waving, relaxing, and straightening
  • performs colour services
  • works with wigs, hairpieces, and extensions
    Hairstylist – Skilled Trades Ontario


Length: 8 Weeks April 29 – June - 21

A General Carpenter constructs, renovates and repairs structures made of wood, steel, concrete, and other materials in residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors and in related industries. Specifically, a General Carpenter:

  • Establishes building procedures and prepares work sites
  • Lays out, constructs, and installs formwork and concrete foundations
  • Frames floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs
  • Finishes interiors and exteriors
  • Constructs heavy framing
  • Builds stairs, posts, and handrails
  • Lays out, constructs, and installs door and window systems
  • Performs renovations
    General Carpenter - Skilled Trades Ontario


Length: 8 Weeks April 29 – June - 21

A Plumber installs, repairs, and maintains piping systems, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution, drainage, and waste disposal. Specifically, a Plumber:

  • Lays out, assembles, installs, maintains, and repairs piping, fixtures and other components for the supply or disposal of water for any domestic or industrial purpose
  • Connects any appliance that uses water
  • Installs the piping for any process, including the conveyance of gas or any tubing for a pneumatic or air-handling system.
  • Reads and understands design drawings, manufacturers’ literature, and installation diagrams for piping and appliances.
    Plumber – Skilled Trades Ontario


Length: 8 Weeks April 29 – June - 21

An Electrician, Construction Maintenance plans, assembles, connects, installs, repairs, inspects, and maintains electrical systems in various settings (i.e., residential, commercial, institutional, industrial) Electrical systems include heating, lighting, power, communication, control, security systems, and renewable energy and energy storage systems. An Electrician – Construction and Maintenance also measures, cuts, threads, bends, assembles, and installs conduits, electrical conductor enclosures and supports.

  • Lays out, assembles, installs, repairs, maintains, connects and/or tests electrical systems
  • Plans installations from blueprints, sketches and specifications and installs all electrical and electrical and electronic devices
  • Systematically diagnoses faults in electrical and electronic components, as required
  • Measures, cuts, threads, bends, assembles, and installs conduits and other electrical conductor raceways
  • Splices and terminates electrical conductors
  • Tests electrical and electronic equipment to ensure that they are functioning properly
    Electrician - Construction and Maintenance - Skilled Trades Ontario

*Subject to change*