Students Build Sheds for Habitat for Humanity! | St. Clair College
Tuesday, January 16, 2024
People posing with Habitat sign

St. Clair College has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build sheds for geared-to-income housing. The students received hands on experience designing and constructing sheds for the community in need.

Habitat for Humanity offers safety, security, and stability through geared-to-income mortgages. These homes, built with community support, combat the housing crisis one family at a time. An essential component of the build process is providing outdoor storage for exterior maintenance and lawn care. Most lots on which Habitat builds would not have the space for a garage, and with an eye on economy, garage construction is a cost that we must avoid. While seemingly small, an outdoor shed can play a crucial role, serving as storage for families to maintain their new homes effectively.

"We are thrilled that St. Clair College has undertaken construction of outdoor sheds for the homes that we are building in Sandwich Towne, part of a revitalization focus that is key to our mission and vision.  St. Clair's collaboration emphasizes community support, showcasing how educational institutions address societal challenges and provide significant impact through integrating outreach into curriculum and providing real world applications for the skills being taught.  This joint effort turns the key to a brighter, more secure future for one family at a time, embodying the true essence of community empowerment."  said Hope Lovell, Community Engagement Manager, Habitat for Humanity.

Stay tuned for our student's progress as they complete the sheds and deliver to Habitat for Humanity.