Statement of St. Clair College Regarding Ontario’s $1.3 Billion Funding Announcement for Colleges and Universities | St. Clair College
Monday, February 26, 2024
Windsor Main Campus aerial view

While we are grateful for the new funding announced by the ministry, we do hope that it may just be the first step in the renewed support of the postsecondary system.

Our past few years of budgetary surpluses will allow us to cope with the temporary reduction of international enrolment during the next two years of the federally authorized “immigration pause”. But if immigration restrictions extend beyond that duration, a boost in funding will have to be re-evaluated, especially in the case of colleges in small- and medium-sized population centres.

St. Clair also whole-heartedly endorses three elements of the recent provincial announcement: the need to create economic efficiencies in institutional operations, the need to make student fees and all institutional financial decisions as transparent as possible, and the wisdom of a continued freeze on tuition rates for domestic students. We strive to ensure both of the first two items on that list, and we would have kept domestic tuition at our current rate in the coming year even if the province had authorized an increase.

The well-being of Ontario’s – and Canada’s – economy and the capability of its workforce depends upon the support it provides to advanced education right now.