St. Clair College and Trent University - A Partnership Of Three Pathway Agreements for Student Success | St. Clair College
Wednesday, March 6, 2024
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St. Clair College is excited to announce the establishment of three comprehensive pathway agreements, with Trent University, catering specifically to students in Business Accounting, Business Administration Accounting, and General Business fields. These initiatives aim to facilitate seamless transitions for students from diploma programs at St. Clair College to undergraduate degrees at Trent University.

Chair of Zekelman School of Business, Angelo DeMarco, explained the intricate details of the collaboration.

"We are excited about our partnership with Trent University as it fosters these three pathways for St. Clair College students. Through these pathways, students can potentially accrue up to an impressive 10.0 credits, contributing substantially to their progress in attaining a comprehensive 20.0 credit Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) at Trent University."  DeMarco said.

This collective endeavour seeks to enhance the educational experience but also serves as a testament to St. Clair College's commitment to fostering seamless transitions for its students as they pursue higher education and embark on a path of academic excellence.

Team Lead, Coordinator, Articulation and Transfer Pathways at Trent University, Tawny Flude explained the motivation behind these agreements.

"St Clair College's Zekelman's School of Business approached Trent University about establishing these pathways for their graduates. They had seen news of a similar partnership we had developed with another college and felt that this opportunity would be beneficial for their students." Flude said.

The pathways offer a myriad of benefits to St. Clair College students, enabling them to complete their Bachelor of Business Administration at Trent in just two years. Additionally, graduates from General Business Diploma and Business – Accounting Diploma programs can seamlessly transition into degree programs, with opportunities to commence Certified Public Accountant Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) Preparatory courses as part of their studies at Trent. Specializations in Accounting, are also available, enhancing career prospects for students.

Flude elaborated on the designs of these pathways, explaining the methodology used to concretize the partnership.

"Assessments of courses completed at St Clair were conducted to ensure that students received transfer credit for all of their prior learning. These transfer credits were mapped against Trent's degree requirements to ensure that students could seamlessly enter their third year at Trent with the appropriate prerequisites." Flude said.

Furthermore, students participating in these pathways have access to dedicated support and resources, including a Transfer Enrolment Advisor and detailed pathway information provided through St. Clair's Zekelman School of Business and Trent's Articulation and Transfer Pathways Office.

These collaborations reflect St. Clair College's commitment to providing diverse pathways to educational opportunities within the borders of Canada and beyond. The academic excellence and seamless transition into Bachelor programs are an avenue we will continue to expedite for our students.

President of St. Clair, Patti France, presented her observance of employer practices, presenting the benefits of the partnerships.

"One trend that has become very evident to me in my three decades in education is hybridization," France said. "The fact that employers seek out individuals steeped in both theoretical knowledge and hands-on, practical skills have led students to recognize the advantage of combining college and university educational formats. This is one more example of St. Clair offering such an advantage, and we are elated to be partnering with Trent University to provide this new avenue of learning to our students."

Looking ahead, St Clair College plans to expand these pathway agreements to benefit a wider range of students and programs. A few months ago, there was a similar agreement with Wayne State University, propelling the transition into mechanical engineering.

Ultimately, these collaborations contribute to the broader goals of higher education by enhancing accessibility, inclusivity, and student success. Seamless transfer opportunities maximize recognition for prior learning, making higher education more accessible for students with diverse backgrounds and needs.

The establishment of these pathway agreements marks a significant stride towards fostering student success and advancing educational opportunities for all at St. Clair College.

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