St. Clair College's Student-Athlete Triumphs On and Off the Field | St. Clair College
Thursday, November 16, 2023
Frederico Colares winding up for kick on soccer field

Frederico Colares, a dedicated international student-athlete hailing from Brazil, enriches the vibrant community at St. Clair College with his remarkable journey. From the soccer stadiums of his childhood, where his father and grandfather instilled a love for the sport, to the prestigious halls of St. Clair College, Frederico's story is one of passion, resilience, and academic excellence.

Frederico's soccer journey began in Brazil, where his early love for the game blossomed into a career that saw him playing semi-professional soccer, Futsal (5 vs 5), and outdoor soccer. His dedication and skill took him to the United States, where he studied English and showcased his talent in the PDL (Premiere Development League), now known as USL League Two. It was during this time that St. Clair College's soccer coaches recognized Frederico's potential, reaching out with an invitation to join the college in Canada—a pivotal moment that prompted Frederico to make the move.

Arriving in 2019, Frederico immersed himself in English education through ESL courses at St. Clair College. After completing the ESL program, he set his sights on furthering his education in the fitness realm, earning a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion (FHP). Throughout his time at St Clair College, Frederico's exceptional performance garnered recognition, earning him the titles of Rookie of the Year for 2019–2020, the Coach Award for 2021–2022, and the OCAA All-Academic Award for 2021–2022.

Despite facing a setback with a knee injury during the 2022 soccer season, where he partially tore three ligaments (MCL, PCL, and ACL) while playing in League One Ontario, Frederico demonstrated resilience and determination during his recovery. Postdiploma,he redirected his focus towards a new academic pursuit—the OTA/PTA program at St. Clair College —aligning seamlessly with his desire to assist athletes in reaching their peak performance and aiding in their recovery. Dr. John Spirou, Professor and Program Co-ordinator of the OTA/PTA program at St. Clair College recognizes Frederico's commitment and dedication as a student-athlete. "Frederico exemplifies the pinnacle of dedication and achievement as a student-athlete, seamlessly balancing academic excellence with exceptional contributions to the St. Clair College men's soccer team", says Spirou.

As Frederico overcame adversity, his persistence and dedication to excellence was rewarded recently when the St. Clair College men's soccer team achieved a historic milestone. On Saturday, November 11, 2023, the team secured their first-ever national medal, etching their names into the annals of St. Clair College history. Frederico's commitment and contributions to the team undoubtedly played a role in this momentous achievement.

Frederico's personal experiences, including navigating a challenging injury and understanding the complexities of the recovery process, fuel his passion to support fellow student-athletes. His goal is clear: to guide others in reclaiming their place in their respective sports and restoring balance to their daily lives through occupational and physical therapy.

Navigating the life of an international student-athlete is no small feat, requiring meticulous organization. Balancing offseason, pre-season, and in-season commitments demands time and effort, with the added pressure of maintaining academic excellence to remain eligible to play. Frederico acknowledges the challenges but finds solace and motivation in his deep love for soccer, dedicating himself to the necessary sacrifices to excel both academically and athletically.

Frederico embodies the spirit of a student athlete at St. Clair College, where passion, perseverance, academic achievement, and now a historic soccer victory converge. His journey serves as an inspiration to the college community, showcasing the transformative power of dedication and resilience.