Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex Celebrates the Dedication of the St. Clair College and Alumni Youth Mentorship Hub | St. Clair College
Tuesday, November 7, 2023
Youth Membership group photo

Today, Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex (HFHWE) proudly announces the dedication of the St. Clair College Youth Mentorship Hub. This event, scheduled for Tuesday, November 7th, at 11:00am, marked a pivotal moment in community collaboration, aimed at empowering the next generation.

The new Hub, made possible through the generous support of St. Clair College and the St. Clair College Alumni Association, offers a vital space for skills training, youth mentorship, and community partnership. The dedication event took place at the Habitat for Humanity Offices at 51 Edinborough Street, and welcomed youth representatives from past and present youth programming, partner agency representation, members of the public and the media.

Speakers at the event included Dr. Patti France, President of St. Clair College, Belinda Bulhoes, St. Clair College Alumni Association President, Lindsay Lovecky, Chair of Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex Board of Directors, and Rob Catherine, retired teacher and dedicated Habitat volunteer.

The agenda included an opportunity to network, opening remarks by distinguished speakers, the unveiling of sponsorship signage, a showcase of the Youth Mentorship Program, and insights into the community impact, featuring testimonials from Robert Catherine and youth participants present to share experiences. The event concluded with a call to action to follow in St. Clair College steed to support Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex’s work with youth training to impact our community.

Dr. Patti France, President of St. Clair College, highlighted the significant ties between St. Clair College and Habitat, stating, "St. Clair and Habitat have been officially and unofficially connected for decades, with our faculty, staff, students, and alumni serving as both volunteers on project sites and on the organization's board. With the sponsorship of this mentorship hub, we're now elated to have our name tied formally to Habitat -- an organization which, literally, is building a better community."

"So many of our students and grads have become involved with Habitat over the years precisely because it represents the best aspect of their St. Clair education: namely, applying hands-on energy to make a beneficial contribution to our community," said St. Clair College  Alumni  Association President Belinda Bulhoes. "I expect that this new connection between the college and the organization will lead even more Saints to become Habitat volunteers in the future."

Lindsay Lovecky, Board Chair of Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex, expressed, "At Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex, we believe that true community transformation thrives on collaboration and partnerships. The support of St. Clair College in sponsoring our Youth Mentorship Hub embodies our commitment to empowering the next generation. Together, through shared knowledge and resources, we build not only homes but futures, fostering a stronger, more resilient community."

This event stands as a remarkable commitment to youth mentorship and education, symbolizing the strength found in collaboration and shared goals.