Expert panel’s report creates opportunity to strengthen Ontario’s public colleges | St. Clair College
Wednesday, November 15, 2023
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(TORONTO) – The expert panel report released today by the Ontario government on the financial stability of post-secondary education presents an opportunity to strengthen public colleges throughout the province.

"We equip students with the skills and expertise to thrive in many of today’s most in-demand sectors," said Marketa Evans, the president and CEO of Colleges Ontario. "We look forward to reviewing the panel’s report and findings in detail and working with the government on actions that benefit our students, our industry partners, and strengthen our public college programs."

Improved investments in public colleges will be essential to producing a stronger workforce, she said. This is particularly important as Ontario strives to fill the escalating demand for qualified people for the emerging electric-vehicle industry, the construction of 1.5-million new homes, the mining industry, the nuclear energy industry and more.

Colleges and Universities Minister Jill Dunlop announced today the province has received the report from its blue-ribbon panel of experts on post-secondary financing. The report has also been made available in its entirety for review.  

The eight-member panel was established in March 2023. It has conducted research and consulted on actions Ontario can take to improve the sector's financial stability.

"This report is an important first step. Creating more opportunities for students to pursue rewarding careers greatly depends on getting this right," Evans said. "Ontario's students and businesses deserve nothing less."

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Amy Dickson
Senior Communications Advisor, Public Affairs
Colleges Ontario