Essex Windsor EMS Presents Community Award to President France | St. Clair College
Monday, April 1, 2024
President France EMS award group photo
Left to right: CAO Sandra Zwiers - County of Essex, President Patti France - St. Clair College, Chief Justin Lammers - Essex Windsor EMS, Mayor Tracey Bailey - Lakeshore, Warden Hilda MacDonald - County of Essex

On Thursday, March 18th, Essex Windsor EMS recognized its employees at its 2024 Service Awards and Recognition Ceremony and dinner at the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts. During the evening, Windsor Essex EMS recognized 15, 25, and 35-year employees and retirees. There were also awards for Rookie of the Year, Mentor of the Year, and Fellowship.

Two Community Awards were presented during the evening. Essex Windsor EMS Chief Justin Lammers presented trophies to College President France and Lakeshore Mayor Tracey Bailey, also the CEO of the Community Support Centre, and thanked them for their ongoing support over the years.

Chief Lammers shared, “We are grateful for the support and leadership shown by President France and her team have provided over the years. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the work in advocating with Provincial bodies to ensure that St. Clair College was one of the only paramedic programs that graduated on time in the middle of the pandemic. Success stories like this with President France and St. Clair College are why they are this year’s recipient of our Community Award.”

“Receiving recognition from an agency, from a group of people, such as this region’s Emergency Medical Service, is truly humbling. Because you, all of you, are the heroes of our community. As citizens of this area, we can never praise you too highly or thank you too much for your caring and courageous service,” said President France. “Yet here you are providing recognition to me and to the College that I represent. The College and I are immensely honoured by your thoughtfulness. The relationship between St. Clair College and the EMS has been long-standing, close, and highly personal. None of those adjectives are particularly surprising in view of the extremely symbiotic nature of our partnership. We want to provide you with exceptionally trained employees, and you, of course, want that too, so to achieve both our academic goals and your professional ones, we have developed a spirit of liaison which is beneficially a “win/win” for everyone. Our Essex Windsor EMS has consistently given us its expertise in the development and review of curriculum, provided our classes with guest speakers and mentors, trained our students in their field placements, helped to stage and judge our mock response and treatment scenarios and donated equipment and vehicles to our Paramedic program. And of course, ultimately hired our grads.”