Resounding Success: Fall Open House Triumphs Across Campuses, Declares John Fairley, Vice President of College Communications and Community Relations | St. Clair College
Monday, November 20, 2023
Open House booths and crowd

On Saturday, November 18, over 1,500 prospective students and their parents converged at our Windsor Campus from across Canada, brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the diverse opportunities at St. Clair College. The event showcased our institution and its array of offerings, creating a vibrant atmosphere for attendees to immerse themselves in the rich educational experience we provide.

Our dedicated faculty set the stage for a day filled with exploration and discovery at our Fall Open House. In fact, the program showcases stole the spotlight, with raised banners and exhibits that provided an up-close look into each academic offering. Faculty members passionately shared insights into each program, delving into curriculum highlights, industry connections, and potential career pathways. The showcasing ranged from business and technology to health sciences, trades, and the arts.

Our attendees appreciated the interactive booths that gave them a preview of their practical college experience; they engaged in activities that aligned with their fields of interest. This interactive element peaked interests and added depth to Open House, allowing participants to envision themselves as members of the St. Clair College community.

Info Sessions had presentations that addressed applications, programs, admission processes, campus life, financial aid, scholarships, and support services. Attendees departed with a clear understanding of the wealth of offerings at St. Clair College. The aspect of personal interactions fostered a sense of connection and support, emphasizing that St. Clair College is not just an institution of learning but a community to belong to.

Guided campus tours provided a comprehensive overview of our state-of-the-art facilities, from laboratories and student residences to our library and recreational spaces. Attendees gained a firsthand look at the resources available to students, visualizing their potential academic journey within a nurturing and conducive learning environment.

"The resounding success of our Open House echoed through our campuses as prospective students and their families interacted with faculty, explored teaching labs, admired recreational facilities, and gained insights from industry partners seeking our graduates. Many are now poised to join the Saints Nation in 2024 at both our Windsor and Chatham campuses," Fairley said.

In essence, St. Clair College's Open House was an unparalleled success, serving as a gateway for individuals to explore and envision their academic journey. The event underscored the college's commitment to excellence in education, hands-on learning, and a supportive community. As attendees departed, their smiles and nods of satisfaction signified that while brochures and information were essential, their experience of culture and possibilities at St. Clair College took precedence.