Fall Incoming Student Information | St. Clair College
Requirement Specifics Contact
Complete Medical Health Questionnaire

(Physician’s stamp / Nurse practitioner’s stamp MUST be included)
Forms may be printed from the College website: Medical Requirement Forms Submit completed form to College Nurse Rm 164
Mantoux Skin Test (TB test) Page found within the College Medical Forms - as noted above Submit completed form to College Rm 164
Hepatitis B Immunization Series Documentation completed within the College Medical Forms - as noted above Submit completed form to College Rm 164
Vulnerable Sector Police Clearance

(Required for all hospital / offsite placements)
For city of Windsor residents, please use the Local Police Clearance Letter (above) plus the form and checklist identification list below. Reside in other regions visit your local Police Office to complete this process.
Police Departments

OPP governed areas - see Administrative Assistant

Student retains completed Vulnerable Sector Police Clearances for review by individual placements.
Standard First Aid Requirement necessary for clinical and placement participation Submit photocopy to Lana Drury, Clinic Manager office located within clinical area
C.P.R. Level HCP/ 'C' with AED awareness training and use of ambu bags Requirement necessary for clinical and placement participation Submit photocopy to Lana Drury, Clinic Manager office located within clinical area
Safety glasses/standard prescription glasses if worn Required for all clinical and lab sessions

In clinic: If you wear prescription glasses, you may purchase lightweight side shields to add to your glasses.

For Labs: even If you wear prescription glasses you will still need to purchase safety glasses that fit over top of your prescription glasses
Side Shields available at any optical retailer.

If needing safety glasses ONLY purchase from safety supply or optical retailers.
Black scrub-type uniform (pant set)

Optional: short jacket length black or white lab coat can be worn over clinical scrub uniform if cold in clinic
Required for all clinical sessions

Purchase one (1) solid BLACK colored scrub type uniform with custom embroidery from the campus bookstore by the first of August. Students should try on a sample size prior to purchase
Campus Book Store
Appropriate clinic shoes (white or black) Required for all clinical sessions

Appropriate white/black clinic shoe – closed toe with a back. (Shoes must be cleanable)

Running shoe types should not be canvas or have any color or decorations.

Traditional soles. No platform soles accepted.

Thin white / black socks are acceptable
Purchase from any retail location
Knee length white lab coat (lab use only) Required for all lab sessions

Purchase one (1) knee length white lab coat for use in the laboratory sessions.

Note: Knee length lab coats will not be permitted in clinic over uniforms; they are only worn over street clothes in the lab)
Purchased from any retail location or the Campus Store at St. Clair College
Student Identification Required for all clinical and lab sessions

St. Clair College Student “ONE” card with picture I.D. - free if you upload picture.
Picture taken by the college - fee for card $10

St. Clair College Clinical Card with picture I.D. (Photo must be taken on site with scrub top on)
Photo location is near open computer labs in student center. Clinical Card Fee is $7
"One Card" Information

Need government issued photo ID, driver’s license and or passport with you
Clinical Patients

Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate number and type of patients necessary to successfully complete the clinical component of the program.

The St. Clair College Dental Clinic recall system and our dental receptionist will help with this endeavor, but the onus for patient recruitment is the student's responsibility.

Our patient pool is large, but students must:

  1. Book their own patients
  2. Screen them
  3. Participate in recruitment activities

Community Patient based Clinical begins in February and runs until mid-June.

Contact the St. Clair College Dental Clinic Receptionist for Patients
Dental Kit All students must purchase a Dental Kit (cost $1,816.79) for September.

Kits contain items necessary for both clinical and lab requirements.
Kits are updated and approved annually by the college.
Students may not utilize used kits or alternate kits.
Kit items are purchased at special institutional bulk pricing and are the best value available.
Kit fees are included with Tuition fees.

Distributed by the Dental Technician - first week of school after proof of payment.
Text books Textbooks for entire year cost approx. $800.00.

(Used textbooks may be purchased at reduced cost if available, through the campus bookstore or from former students).

Please note: several key textbooks are mandatory for participation in some courses
Campus Bookstore

Use registration slip with course codes to locate textbooks within the college bookstore.
Program Orientation ORIENTATION DAY
Level II Dental Assistant program session will be held last week of August.
The date and time will be announced by the college in mid- summer.

Obtain your personal schedule online, prior to school starting in September, follow the assigned days, times and rooms.

Scheduling conflicts/changes will be addressed during the first weeks of classes.