COVID-19 Updates | St. Clair College

Parking Office Closed

The physical Parking Office location at both South and Chatham campus is closed for in person visits. Parking inquiries should be directed to or by using the parking inquiries link on the right side of this page. Ticket payments must be made online at using the Parking Ticket Payments link in the menu on the right side.

Permit Fees Suspended

The payment of permit fees are not required for the Winter Semester (January – April 2021) for all lot users including Staff, Students, Visitors, Vendors and Contractors. Students and Staff are required to register their vehicle should they be on campus. The purpose of this is that incase the vehicle is hit, or we need to have it moved for any reason we will know who to contact.

Parking Locations

All General Lots, including gated lots, will be open for parking for those that have registered their vehicle. Staff that are assigned to a staff lot must utilize the lot they are assigned to. Vehicles must be parked within the confines of a parking space only. Vehicles parked in no parking zones, fire routes, crosswalks, bus stops, roadways, etc. will be subject to enforcement action including ticketing and towing.

Vehicle Registration

Staff and Student vehicles at South and Chatham campuses must be registered. To register these vehicles visit the Parking Self Service page and register the vehicle through the permit ordering process. A guide has been developed to show you how to do this, the guide can be viewed here.

Downtown Parking Garage

The Downtown Parking Garage is also available for Staff and Students at the Downtown Campus. You will receive an access card after your permit is ordered that is to be used to access the parking garage – these are also no charge for the Fall Semester and can be located under “Downtown Campus Access Cards and Permits”.