Last patients discharged from field hospital at St. Clair College | St. Clair College
Monday, June 15, 2020
Workers in the St. Clair College field hospital.

The last of the 50 patients treated for COVID-19 at Windsor Regional Hospital's field hospital on the grounds of St. Clair College have been released.

They have returned safely to the Heron Terrace long-term care home in east Windsor.

The departure of those last patients at the facility, which opened for hospital use on April 17, marks a milestone in the local pandemic process. More than 50 individuals were admitted to the St. Clair College SportsPlex for care after they tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

“It has been our honour to have played host to this field hospital and, also, to have donated equipment to local hospitals as they battled the pandemic,” said St. Clair College President Patti France. “Our involvement sprang from the remarkable, Windsor-Essex mindset that always arises in times of crisis. Individual citizens, businesses and institutions step forward to say ‘How can we help?’ This was St. Clair’s answer to that question; and we stand ready, always, to provide similar assistance to the community whenever its well-being is threatened.”

As announced on April 2, WRH reached an agreement with St. Clair College to use the College’s SportsPlex – a stand-alone athletic facility on the main campus – as a field hospital for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In barely over two weeks, the SportsPlex was transformed into a 100-bed hospital facility. The SportsPlex has been staffed by WRH employees and professional staff the same way they would staff a typical WRH in-patient unit. The field hospital staff will now be redeployed to WRH’s main facilities.

The SportsPlex is not being used at this time for hospital care, but it will remain available should the need arise to reuse the facility. Windsor Regional Hospital is working with St. Clair College and the Ministry of Health on the details of the ongoing availability of the facility.