Students Bring Home the Hardware from Skills Ontario 2019 | St. Clair College
Thursday, May 9, 2019
Skills Ontario Winners
From L to R: Luc Sauve, Brodie Myer, Braeden Beaulieu, Kasey Moore, Dean Van Sydenborgh, Travis Snow, Daniel Manera

(Windsor, Ontario) – Students from five programs at the College earned top marks and achieved medals at the 2019 Skills Ontario competition held in Toronto May 6 – 8, 2019.

The competition was steep in all categories, and these particular competitions continue to be ones that students excel in. “Year after year, our students are at the top of their game when they come to this competition”, says Nick Kuipers, Coordinator of the Graphic Design program, and competition coach. “It is extremely rewarding to see our students continue to achieve excellence, not only in the graphic design competition, but in a wide variety of skills competencies”.

The 2019 Skills Ontario medal winners are:

Luc Sauve
Gold Medal, Graphic Design

Daniel Manera
Silver Medal, Graphic Design

Brodie Myer
Silver Medal, Mechanical CAD

Kasey Moore
Silver Medal, IT Office Software Applications

Braeden Beaulieu
Bronze Medal, Web Development

Dean Van Sydenborgh & Travis Snow
Bronze Medal, Powerline