Students Take Part in Reimagining Local Spaces | St. Clair College
Monday, April 16, 2018
An example of last year’s residential project. (Photo courtesy of Interior Design department)

As part of their classes, St. Clair College students are partnering with local businesses and clients to redesign residential and commercial spaces. Third year Interior Design students are currently working on designing a home in Amherstburg. The project is part of their Design Studio Advanced course as part of their last semester. Students get to work hands-on with an actual client designing a real space. This gives them hands-on experience in a real-world setting.

Each student is responsible for coming up with their own design that outlines the exterior, landscaping, and interior layout. For this project students are expected to use local suppliers and producers to design their homes and visit local suppliers in their class.

As well, in partnership with a local real estate agent, students from the Interior Design and Graphic Design program are working on designing a space in Downtown Windsor. As part of their curriculum, Interior Design students are designing the interior of the space as well as determining the use of it, such as a retail store or restaurant. The Graphic Design students are responsible for designing the branding for that space. At the end of the semester students will have a real-life project to add to their portfolios.

Classes like these provide students with the opportunity to work with clients and within the types of spaces they will work in upon graduation. As well, there is a possibility that the students’ work could become a reality within the space.