Student Creates Unique App for Local Company | St. Clair College
Thursday, September 20, 2018
Jose Georges

(Windsor, Ontario) - Third year Mobile Application Development student Jose Georges was excited about the summer job he landed with Leamington based Bartel Machine. The job? Develop a customized project management app that would help employees more efficiently and effectively handle the company’s growing list of customer projects. “It was an amazing experience because what the company thought they wanted, expanded into something quite different, and I was thrilled I had the skills and knowledge to help them achieve the product they wanted”.

The project grew to encompass both mobile and desktop applications so employees could access the information regardless of the platform. Company president, Steve Bartel, said that when he described what he was looking for to program faculty, they suggested that it would take more time and more people to accomplish the project. “Jose’s dedication and work ethic on this project were impressive”, says Bartel. “His constant search for feedback and attention to detail was impressive”.

“I wanted to be as flexible as I could with the company in terms of their needs”, says Georges. “When I would show them my progress they would ask me if I could add various other elements to the app and I always said yes. I wanted them to get exactly the application their employees wanted”.

When the project was finished, the company was thrilled and Bartel was amazed with what he was able to accomplish. “Jose did what was initially thought of as unreasonable, and in three months, he single-handedly changed our 35 year old company’s operating and tracking procedures”, said Bartel.

Jose believes he could not have completed this project if it hadn’t been for the knowledge and skills he gained in his program.” I am looking forward to completing the program and using my education to further my career aspirations”.