Message to Students from the President – November 9, 2020 | St. Clair College

Dear Saints:

I sincerely hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones well.

As you can imagine, the task of dealing with the pandemic has been a learning exercise for all of us.  Like you, the College’s administration, faculty members and support staff have been constantly adapting, evolving and experimenting since the viral outbreak began in mid-March.  Between government-issued directives, recommendations from public health agencies, and our own internal policy-and-procedural updates, our method of delivering academic and non-academic services to you has been changing constantly and dramatically.

I thought this was an appropriate time to update you on some of our work on current projects and to provide you with our intentions for the Winter 2021 semester.

  • Our Office of the Vice-President, Academic is currently in the process of surveying all St. Clair faculty members, to obtain from them their schedules of major assessments during the remainder of this Fall semester.  Those schedules will be passed along to the College’s I.T. Department, to support the optimal capacity and speed during the days (and nights, and weekends) when a substantial number of students are logged on while working on these major assignments and projects.
  • Because such extensive use is being made of the Blackboard software now, our I.T. Department has increased its monitoring and installation of that program’s frequent updates, to try and avoid problems in this integral faculty/student communication channel.
  • During this semester and the next one – and for as long as we are operating in a chiefly on-line fashion – we will be engaging externally sourced I.T. support for our students free of charge.  This engagement is through AlphaKOR.  Further information and details will be forthcoming from the Academic Sector.
  • In addition to Respondus, the College has purchased another version of monitoring software (Examity) for online tests to ensure that academic honesty is maintained.  Please refer to the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities to learn about the ethical behaviour expected of all students in their academic studies.  Additional information regarding your exams will be forthcoming for both the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters.
  • Both our SportsPlex in Windsor and HealthPlex in Chatham have been loaned to the local health-care systems to provide them with extra space during the pandemic.  That being the case, those facilities – including their fitness equipment -– have been unavailable to you. We are, therefore, refunding you $50.00 ($25.00 per semester) which is the portion of your student fee associated with the use of that facility as part of your Athletics and Recreation Operating Fee.  This amount will be credited to your student account.  Additional information regarding the Athletics and Recreation Operating Fee can be found under the FAQ portion of the College’s website.  Please note that the Saints Student Athletic Association and St. Clair College continue to provide recreational activities that comply with the current public health regulations.  We thank you for your support and patience as we assist our community with the fight against COVID-19.
  • In addition to the above, for the Winter 2021 semester, the College will continue the practice of not charging for parking during COVID-19.  Students will still be required to register their license plate number with the Parking Office.
  • Based on feedback from our students and staff, in an effort to increase student engagement and participation, we will be moving most online courses for the Winter semester to a synchronous (“real time”) delivery.
  • It is the College’s intention, at this moment, to deliver the Winter 2021 semester in the same manner as the Fall 2020 semester: chiefly on-line, with essential labs, clinics and workshops taking place on campuses (with ongoing requirements for mask-wearing, social-distancing and the wearing of personal protective equipment).
  • It is both an individual and collective responsibility to continue to practice procedures to limit the transmission of COVID-19 – both in your personal lives and as a student when you are at school (mask-wearing, social-distancing, the wearing of PPE and other regulations as defined by Public Health).  Please remember to stay at home if you are symptomatic.
  • To allow for the participation in synchronous delivery, for students in need, the College will support the expense of a tablet/technology up to $500 through a reimbursement process.  A further communication will be forthcoming with information on this process.
  • In addition to the above, the College has increased its 2020/21 funds for student bursaries and emergency loans.  These bursaries will be targeted for students in need who have incurred additional expenses associated with COVID-19, beyond the purchase of a tablet/technology.  Further information will be forthcoming from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Each and every one of us want to see this pandemic come to an end and for our normal lives and lifestyles – including those of our educational settings – to resume.  That will happen ... eventually ... whether by mass-vaccination (when available) or otherwise.  Until that day dawns, however, your health and safety remain St. Clair College’s paramount concern. That being the case, until we – our school, our community, our province, our nation – are given the “all clear” notification from public health officials, we will, we must, continue to operate in this chiefly on-line manner.
  • Finally, to help you plan your schedule for the New Year, I can tell you that it is our intention to deliver the Winter 2021 semester in a 13-week timeframe, beginning with the first day of classes on January 18, 2021. Please note that the following programs will commence on January 11, 2021 and will run for 15-weeks due to accreditation requirements:
    • Med Lab Science
    • Paramedic – Windsor & Chatham
    • Respiratory Therapy
    • Veterinary Technician
    • Dental Hygiene
    • Bachelors of Nursing
    • Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
    • Power Engineering
    • Sonography (only the final semester of the program)

    Other Winter Semester dates:

    • Monday, March 15 to Friday, March 19, 2021 is March Break (no classes or labs will be scheduled).
    • Monday, April 19 to Friday, April 23, 2021 is Final Exam Week, with exams conducted during regularly scheduled class times (in most cases).

Finally, I and the entire St. Clair family of administrators, faculty members and support staff commend you for your efforts to-date during this semester.  You are persevering in the pursuit of your educational dreams in the midst of truly trying and extraordinary circumstances.  So, we not only commend you, we admire you immensely.  None of us consider the current situation to be ideal in the least, but your adaptability and dedication has made this altered educational method quite effective.  We hope that many of the topics outlined above will not only make your education even more effective but, also, easier and less stressful.

Continue to study and work hard ... but, most importantly, stay healthy and well.  The entire St. Clair family eagerly looks forward to the day when we can all be together once again – free of the threat of the pandemic – enjoying face-to-face class-time, and the friendship and fun of the College’s atmosphere.

Thank you.


Patricia France, M.Ad.Ed.

Curriculum Delivery:

As a reminder, most of your instruction - classes with lectures - will take place in an on-line manner. Some programs may have some on-campus attendance for essential labs, workshops and clinics. All your courses have already been designated as being on-line, hybrid or in-person/on-campus. For specific information regarding your program, please click on your program on the Full-Time programs page. Once on your program's page, look on the upper right-hand side of the page for the green box with white lettering which reads "Fall 2020 Program/Course Delivery". Click on that box. It will list all your courses and whether they will be delivered on-line or in-person/on-campus. To assist you with the transition to remote learning and help you adjust, there are some helpful resources available on the College website with respect to remote learning.

Class Schedules

Your class schedule can be accessed through your My St. Clair portal and the Student Information System (SIS):

  • Self Service - Enrollment - View My Weekly Schedule

Please check for any changes as you get closer to the start of your classes. Scheduling changes are generally posted and made available every Friday evening for the upcoming week. In the event a scheduling change is made, you will be advised by your Academic School.

As a reminder, students can add and/or drop classes prior to the tenth day of classes. Please refer to Important Dates for specific program information on our Registrars Office page.


For first year students, the Fall 2020 virtual orientation webpage launched on Monday, August 31st. Orientation will provide you an opportunity to learn about our student support services, resources, and hear from our student government leaders. We have created modules for you to complete in Blackboard and you can win some great prizes. You will also have a scheduled faculty academic session. This is a session that you will not want to miss. It is a great opportunity to learn about your program and meet your faculty.

Textbooks and Uniforms

For textbooks or course materials, the Campus Bookstores offer a variety of options for students, such as the choice to purchase your books new, used, or digital as well as the option to rent your books for a semester. All purchases must be made online through the webstore and will be shipped directly to you from the campus. You will not be able to purchase textbooks in person, regardless if you are approved for campus entry. For Windsor Campus students, please use and, for Chatham Campus students, please use For uniform purchases, please order by phone at 519-972-2722. Please refer to the Campus Bookstore websites for further updates.

Code of Student Rights/Academic Integrity

Every student will be required to read and acknowledge their understanding of the College's Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and their commitment to comply with the College's Health and Safety policies and protocols. In addition, you will be asked to further acknowledge your understanding of your role as a "Saint" by adhering to rules of academic integrity.

You will need to access My St. Clair portal and the Student Information System (SIS) to read the required documentation. The path is as follows:

  • Main Menu > Self-Service > Code of Student Rights

Please note that both acknowledgements are required in order to gain access to Blackboard to participate in your registered classes. If you have not received your account activation information to access the portal, are having trouble logging in, or need to reset your password, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Student Cards

Student cards must be picked up in person at either the Windsor or Chatham campuses. You must first upload your photo, ensure it is approved, then make an appointment to pick it up once ready. We are not currently taking photos so please upload a suitable photo ahead of time. Detailed instructions and photo guidelines may be found here: Appointments can be made starting the week of August 31st and can be made 24 hours in advance.

  • To pick up your St. Clair College One Card, you must present one of the following pieces of identification: Passport; Driver's Licence; Ontario Photo Card or Health Card (with Photo) OR you can present at least two of the following documents, one of which must include a current photo: Certificate of Indian Status; Canadian Citizenship Certificate; Birth Certificate; Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card; Permanent Resident (PR) Card; or, Nexus Card
  • To upload your photo, please visit the following webpage:
  • You can check the status of your photo here:

To schedule an appointment:

If your classes are completely on-line and you are out of town, we will accommodate you during tests and ask that you show a government issued photo ID to verify your identify.

Financial Aid/OSAP

For additional information regarding Financial Aid/OSAP, please refer to the information on our College website:


St. Clair College will not be charging for parking for Fall, 2020. We do ask that you visit the parking site from our webpage and register your car through the permit ordering process. The purpose of this is so that we know who to contact in the event of an emergency. We ask that all students park safety, between the lines in available parking spots in any general lot as identified on the parking web page.

Student Services

Student services are available virtually and on campus by appointment. Please refer to the following link for available contacts and service options.

Food Services

St. Clair College will be offering limited food services on campus. Our Griff's Grab-n-Go, Capri, and Booster Juice will be open limited hours for your convenience. Hours and food offerings are listed on our Food & Beverages Services webpage.

Health Centre

The St. Clair College Health Centre at South Campus and Chatham Campus will be open to students for virtual appointments. In person appointments may be allowed under certain circumstances and by appointment only. There will be no walk-in service provided at this time. Please call 519-972-2830 or visit the Health Centre webpage.

Open Computer Lab

To ensure access to a reliable internet connection and the appropriate hardware/software requirements, open computer labs will continue to remain open on campus by appointment only. Please call 519-972-2756 to make a reservation.

Illness Protocols

Students (and staff) must stay home if they are sick. We will work with you to accommodate any time missed. For the greater safety and well-being of the College community, this is especially important during this time. Please notify your Faculty if you are ill and unable to come on campus. If you believe you may have COVID-19 or are being tested for COVID-19, please consult with a Health Professional, do the on-line E-Health assessment available on the Windsor-Essex Count Health Unit webpage and call our Heath Centre at 519-972-2380.

Protocols for a COVID-19 Case on Campus

The College has developed a response to cases on campus. The Health Unit will do all the contact tracing and will notify the College if a positive case is identified. They will provide direction to the College as well as impacted staff and students. We already have enhanced cleaning protocols in place; however, the area of concern will be deep cleaned before re-opening the space to students. Communications to staff and students will be sent in a timely manner.

What protocols are in place to ensure a safe return to campus for students?

The College requires all staff and students to complete a mandatory online training module. Students can access this training via Blackboard by following instructions found here.

Please be sure to follow the instructions as there are specific nuances that you must follow. For example, you must take this training from the webpage, through mySt.Clair, not your Blackboard app. Also, you must complete the training, including the questions at the end.  Stopping prior to finishing will result in the training not showing as complete and you will not be able to complete the questionnaire.

The training must be completed prior to the first day of classes on campus. Staff and students that do not complete the training will be denied access to the campus until it is completed.

This initial training will provide students with knowledge and protocol awareness that must always be adhered to in order to maintain a safe environment.

Will staff and students be screened daily?

A daily screening questionnaire is required to be completed by all staff and students. The questionnaire must be completed every morning before coming on campus. It can be accessed through the Student Information System. Instructions can be found here.

Once the questionnaire is complete, you will immediately receive an email, with either a clearance to come on campus (green lettering) or denial of entry (red lettering). You will show this email to Security at the building access point, preferably from your phone. You will also need to provide photo ID.

You will need to complete the questionnaire prior to arriving on campus, and every morning thereafter before you come on campus. Please note that all data will be deleted on a nightly basis, so it is prudent the questionnaire is completed the morning of every day you are accessing the campus.

It is highly recommended that you come to campus half an hour early, as we do anticipate some lines.

What happens if I am denied entry?

If you receive notice that you are denied entry to the campus, please do not come on campus. You will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Will I have to wear a mask on campus?

The College has implemented the mandatory wearing of masks in all common areas (hallways, stairwells, lounge areas) on campus. In addition, masks are mandatory in labs and shops. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is also required in your classrooms, labs and shops and will be posted in each. You must always comply with the mandatory mask and PPE requirements.

The campus will also be continuously monitored for the enforcement of health and safety protocols so that safety for all is maintained.

Signs have been posted throughout the campuses. You are asked to follow directional arrows, entrance/exit points and physical distancing requirements. Students may only access the building in which they are scheduled.

What other measures have been implemented in response to the Pandemic?

Cleaning protocols have been enhanced and touch-point areas, such as door handles and tabletops, are cleaned continuously. Students coming to classes on campus will be instructed to leave campus immediately after. During this time of enhanced safety protocols, we cannot encourage on-campus activity beyond the academic requirements. As a result of this restriction, no on campus food services will be provided during the pilot phase delivery. We encourage everyone to bring in their own food and water containers.

In addition, the College has controlled entry and exit points and directional signing has been implemented. Risk assessments have been completed for all labs and common areas, at all campuses and mitigation actions have been implemented where necessary.  Where physical distancing cannot be maintained, personal protected equipment (PPE) is mandatory to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff in appropriate areas.

What does Stage 3 of the Province Re-opening Plan mean for the College?

The College will not see any significant changes in operation in Stage 3. All safety protocols that were in place for Stage 2 will remain in Stage 3, including mandatory training, screening before attending campus, designated entry points, physical distancing, wearing of face coverings and PPE, enhanced cleaning, education, and signage, etc.

The College will review food service operations with vendors and determine a time to re-open food services on campus.

At this time, the bookstore, library, student services and registration services will continue to operate remotely. The College is developing a plan for students to book on-campus appointments and will communicate that plan once finalized for fall startup.

When will classes start?

St. Clair College will delay the start of its fall semester by two weeks, with classes commencing Monday, Sept. 21 and running for 13 weeks. There will be a few programs within the School of Health Sciences, which are governed by accreditation bodies, that will require a start date of Sept. 8 to achieve a full 15-week semester for practical skills. An email with further instructions will be sent during the summer break.

Will classes be online or face-to-face?

Most courses at St. Clair College will be delivered online in the fall, along with some in-person classes for labs that require hands-on instruction.

How will I know which classes are online, hybrid or face to face?

Each program has identified how the semester delivery of your classes will occur.  Please go to the College Programs website and select your specific program for details.  Further communications will be sent as your start date approaches.

  • In-Person delivery will require you to attend classes at the college and instruction will be provided by faculty in person;
  • Online delivery will require you to access your courses and receive instruction through Blackboard;
  • Hybrid delivery will be a combination of in-person and online instruction (as noted on your schedule);
  • Clinical/Placement will require you to attend your practical, in-person, hands-on learning experience with a predetermined industry partner.

Do we pay for parking this fall at the College?

There is no charge for parking at the College for the fall semester.

When will my fall class schedule be available?

Student schedules will be available August 24.

Is there a reduction in tuition or ancillary fess for the fall semester?

There is no reduction of tuition or ancillary fees for Fall 2020.  Tuition is for the instruction, assessment, and administration of a program. Instruction is not specific to location or mode of delivery (in-person or online).

These costs are ineligible for refund or rebate.  The ancillary fees support student services and activities distinct from academic programming or the College’s general operating costs.

What is the deadline to drop a course or withdraw from it without penalty?

The deadline for Fall 2020 is October 2.

What are the tuition and ancillary fees for Fall 2020?

You can find the fees here:

Can I defer my enrolment from Fall 2020 to January 2021?

All programs are not offered in January. If your program is not offered, you would have to apply for Fall 2021. Please be aware that seats in a program cannot be guaranteed if you choose to defer your Fall 2020 start.  Admission to a highly competitive program is offered to the most qualified applicant by semester. If you have been accepted and choose to defer, you may be placed on the program waitlist or will have to enroll in September 2021.

When will I receive my login information for the start of the semester in September?

You will receive your login information in August, allowing you access to My St. Clair portal and the Student Information System (SIS). We will be reaching out to you through email, so keep an eye out for the login information sometime in mid-August.

When will I receive my class schedule?

Class schedules will be released August 24. That information will be available through My St. Clair or you can log into your SIS.

When do I choose my elective courses?

You will start to choose your elective courses September 1. The courses will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Please refer to this guide for help with choosing your elective.

When is my Proof of Enrollment available?

Proof of Enrollment letters are now available online through your SIS account as long as you have paid your $100 tuition deposit & are in good Academic Standing.

Log onto your SIS account:  Main Menu > Self Service > Academic Records > Print Proof of Enrollment

If you are having difficulty accessing your proof of enrollment and have paid your $100 tuition deposit please email

How do I get access to my IT account & my login information?

Once you are enrolled, you should receive the email below from IT.

If you have not received your account activation information, are having trouble logging in, or need to reset your password, please contact the IT Help Desk at


IT account email sample

I am an international student who is starting post-secondary studies this September at St. Clair College.  Due to COVID-19, I have received preliminary approval (ie. Stage 1 Approval) from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to begin on-line studies from my home country.  What happens if I do not receive my Canadian Study Visa to travel to Canada (ie. Stage 2 Approval) after I have already commenced by studies?

In the event you do not receive Stage 2 Approval and your Canadian Study Permit is declined, St. Clair College is willing to refund or defer your full tuition payment, less the $125 application fee already paid.

I am an international student who is starting post-secondary studies this September at St. Clair College.  Due to COVID-19, I have received preliminary approval (ie. Stage 1 Approval) from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to begin on-line studies from my home country.  As part of my required tuition fees, I have paid for health insurance that provides health coverage during the academic year.  As I am in my home country, am I able to have the health insurance fee deducted from my account?

As an international student studying from your home country, you are eligible for a reduction to your health insurance fees until such time you arrive in Canada to begin your studies.

Health Insurance Fees are posted as follows:

  • September to August (September Intake) = $745.00
  • January to August = (January Intake) $535.00
  • May to August (May Intake) = $335.00

As an international student beginning their studies in September from their home country and has received Stage 1 approval, you are eligible for a reduction in fees from $745.00 to $535.00, a difference of $210.00.  The fee will be reduced to $535.00 to coincide with your anticipated planned studies in Canada beginning in January 2021.  The $210.00 may be refunded to you upon request.

COVID-19 Student/Staff Flow Charts

I am a student living in St. Clair College’s Residence this September.  What precautions have you taken as a result of COVID-19?

St. Clair College has reduced capacity at the Windsor Campus Residence for the upcoming Fall semester to 50%. This means that students living in the Residence will not be sharing a common space (ie. kitchen and washroom) with another individual; instead of two (2) students sharing a living space, only one (1) student will reside in the suite. St. Clair College is currently working with Campus Living Centres to determine capacity and COVID-19 protocols for the Chatham Residence. We will post an update as soon as it is available.

How do I acquire a locker for the upcoming Fall semester?

Due to the onset of COVID-19, the College has implemented a modified curriculum delivery for the Fall semester whereas the majority of classes will be offered temporarily in an online format. As a result, students that are able to access the building will be asked to limit their time on campus. Given the implementation of safety protocols, the College will NOT be offering lockers to our students this term. For those students enrolled in programs that have tool kits and other required program materials, the College is investigating other options to address your concern.

When is Fall 2020 Orientation?

The Fall 2020 virtual orientation webpage will be launching on Monday, Aug. 31. Orientation will provide you an opportunity to learn about our student support services, resources , and hear from our student government leaders. We have created modules for you to complete in Blackboard and you can win some great prizes. You will also have a scheduled faculty academic session. This is a session that you will not want to miss. It’s a great opportunity to learn about your program and meet your faculty.

When will the Leamington to Windsor (LTW) Transit service resume?

With the reopening of Ontario's economy in Stage 3, and in conjunction with the start of the school year, the Leamington to Windsor (LTW) Transit will resume service on September 8, 2020.

The LTW Transit service, which travels from Leamington to Windsor (stopping at the College’s main campus on Talbot Road West) with stops in Kingsville and Essex was suspended in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The LTW Transit is set to return to full service of three round trips per day, Monday to Friday and two round trips on Saturday.

All transit riders are required to wear a non-medical mask on buses in accordance with Transit Windsor’s mandatory face mask policy. Exemptions will be for children under the age of two and persons with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent a person from wearing a face mask.

Fares will not be collected at this time but are expected to resume in the near future. All passengers are asked to enter and exit the bus through the rear doors. Riders with accessibility needs may continue to use the front doors, and one wheelchair passenger at a time may occupy this area.

Information about the LTW Transit service is available at

Information regarding accessing Open Labs/Technology Access:

The SRC Open Computer Lab, Chatham Campus Open Computer Lab and the TD Student Success Centre will remain open for registered students who do not have access to a computer. In an effort to ensure physical distancing and enhanced safety protocols and procedures, please book an appointment to use the Computer Labs by calling 519-972-2756.

How do I transfer credits I’ve previously taken to my current St. Clair College program?

Please see the attached form & instructions, which can be found on the Registrar's Office webpage.

I am a student studying from home or with in-class instruction.  How do I get my textbooks?

In order to acquire your textbooks for your classes, please follow the instructions provided below:

Windsor campus students go to this site:
Note that the Chatham campus store has a separate website:

How to find your books on the website:
Under “Get Your Textbooks” click on “Find Your Courses”

There will a series of drop down menus. For each course you have, enter the course information to find what you need.

Division = Most students should select "Day School Classes"
Department = Letters of your course code
Course = Numbers of your course code
Section = Your section, or select “ALL”

Multiple courses can be entered this way.

Any required textbooks will show up under their respective course.

Add items to the bag and then check out. Upon check out, any available delivery options will be presented. Currently ship-to-home is the only option and we are working to make Curbside available as soon as possible.

Summer greetings to our growing St. Clair family and a special welcome to our incoming first-year students. We hope your July is off to a great start.

It is with great joy that St. Clair College can announce the approval and commencement of our pilot project this week to have our Winter/Spring students return to campus to complete their interrupted academic studies. The College has worked diligently with the Ontario Ministry and our local health authorities to provide you with a safe campus environment.

Utilizing the plans for the Pilot Project, we continue to finalize the upcoming 2020-2021 school year ensuring your health and safety are our first priority. Our commitment is to provide each of you with the support you need to have a successful and positive year with us at St. Clair College.

During this COVID-19 era, the College continues to consult with the Ontario Government, experts and local health departments to provide you with a safe and healthy learning environment. You can learn more about these plans on the FAQ page of our website at

Students who studied with us last semester will be familiar with some of the ways we adapted teaching through remote learning. If you are a first-year student coming from high school, you have experienced online learning too. In addition to online presentations, our instructors and service departments will continue to be available to help you succeed in your studies.

The essence of what has made St. Clair College a great place to learn and grow has not changed. As we begin our 54th year, we will build on the decades of successes that have enabled our students to prepare for careers and life.

Whether you will be learning online, face-to-face or through a blended model, we are here to help you. Our student services department will continue to serve you through learning support programs, scholarships and financial aid or mental and emotional health counselling.

Please refer to our College website first for all the answers to your questions, under the headings "Starting in September", "Financial Support" and "COVID-19 Updates." If there is a question you don't see answered in our FAQ or on the website, please email us at and we will get back to you with an answer.

To understand the educational delivery currently planned for your program, you can now go online to find your program here: Each program page will have a button entitled "Fall 2020 Program/Course Delivery", where you will find information about whether your courses will be delivered online, in person or a combination of both.

The Pandemic Steering Committee has been planning your safe return to school. Our Facilities Department has installed signs throughout the campuses reminding staff and students to wash their hands, practice social distancing and wear a mask. Cleaning protocols have been enhanced so that high traffic areas are wiped down and disinfected often.

Students coming to campuses in the Fall will be required to complete the COVID-19 Student Training Module in order to attend classes. Every student will also be screened daily for symptoms of COVID-19. Further instructions will be provided in a future email.

Are there challenges ahead? There always are. This pandemic has created some new concerns and uncertainties. Count on us to help guide you through this year. Together, we will make this another awesome year at St. Clair College.

Thank you for choosing St. Clair College, we can't wait to welcome you in September!

Roseann Danese,
Manager, Marketing and Recruitment

Dear Soon-to-be Saints:

Congratulations on your admission to St. Clair College.  Our official motto, in Latin, is "Optimum Elige" – that is "Choose The Best"... and you have certainly done that.  Annual, province-wide satisfaction surveying of students, graduates and employers-of-graduates traditionally shows St. Clair College ranking in the top five of a number of categories among Ontario's two dozen public colleges, for our academic quality, employment preparation and on-campus services and facilities.

During these still uncertain times, as we all await the resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am sure you are wondering what your 2020-21 academic year will look like.  How will we deliver the excellent education that you seek?

First and foremost, let me assure you (and your parents and loved ones who may be supporting you in your educational journey) that your health and well-being is the College's paramount concern.  That has always been the case, but never moreso than in the midst of the current health crisis.  As we prepare for the Fall 2020 semester, ensuring your health and safety is the concern that supersedes all our plans and intentions.

Since mid-March, we have been consulting with the provincial Ministries of Health and Colleges and Universities, the regional Health Unit, and a number of other agencies, to meld St. Clair's operational potential with the guidelines and restrictions associated with pandemic controls.  What can we do (and what can't we) in terms of architectural alterations, space management, facility scheduling, class-size reductions and the furnishing of personal protective equipment to allow a certain number of people to be on our campuses while still strictly enforcing the mandated individual social-distancing and group-gathering limitations.

For the most part, the lecture portion of your instruction can be delivered safely and very effectively on-line.  Our faculty members gained a great deal of experience in this electronic format at the end of the 2019-20 academic year when we had to suspend in-person classes in mid-March.  Within a small amount of time, they converted all of their lectures and lesson plans to on-line delivery, allowing us to successfully complete our Winter semester.  Many professors are also providing on-line instruction to the several hundred, home-based students who are enrolled in the 20 or so programs running during our current Spring/Summer semester.

But the uniquely beneficial feature of a St. Clair education – like that of the entire Ontario college system – is its hands-on, practical, technical nature.  The knowledge you acquire through lectures and classroom assignments is reinforced by the skilled techniques developed in labs, workshops and clinics.  It is, in large part, those practical skills which will ultimately – upon your graduation – make you highly attractive to employers.

That being the case, the College's concentration at this moment is to attempt to arrange a certain degree of on-campus, in-person attendance for you during the Fall semester, if only for the labs, workshops and clinics associated with those courses that require it.

Let me emphasize this again, your health and safety supersedes all of our desired and intended plans.  If, ultimately, we or provincial/local health authorities determine that your presence on-campus would entail an inordinate or unmanageable degree of risk, then we will have to operate strictly on-line during the Fall and hope that the New Year – and the Winter semester – will dawn pandemic-free.  But if we can, safely, welcome you to campus for a few hours of integral lab/workshop time per week in the Fall, it is our fervent hope to do just that.

That, of course, probably will not be possible for many of our new, incoming international students.  The other factor affecting you, at the moment, is the global travel restrictions that may have postponed your ability to get to Canada.  Until we can roll out the welcome mat to greet you in-person, we'll be providing you with your on-line lectures – coupled, perhaps, with some on-line-delivered skill exercises that you can practice at home.

Many of you, I suspect, have seen that other schools have already announced that they will be operating in strictly on-line fashion in the Fall.  In St. Clair's case, as I write this letter in early June, we believe we have a few more weeks to firmly and finally determine (in conjunction with public health authorities) how we will be operating in the Fall.  Remember, too, that we are trying to develop individual curriculum-delivery plans for over 100 academic programs, encompassing several thousand courses, at a half-dozen campuses.  Analyzing that substantial quantity of scenarios, our administration and faculty members have now been working for two months to determine what we can do on-line and what we might be able to do face-to-face.

When that analysis is complete in a few weeks' time, you will receive follow-up information from the College.  It will specify the elements of your Fall semester to be delivered on-line and the elements planned for on-campus, in-person instruction.  That follow-up message will also outline all of the health and safety protocols and procedures we will be implementing to ensure your personal protection when on campus.  In order to give our staff enough time to prepare, our Fall semester will commence on Monday, September 21, 2020, which is two weeks later than originally planned.  The College is also currently planning for a 13-week semester.

On monitor screens or in-person, the entire St. Clair College family of employees looks forward to seeing you in September as you launch your postsecondary journey.

Until then, stay well and we'll keep you informed of our plans with updates during the next few weeks.

Patricia France, M.Ad.Ed.

Dear Saints:

As you are aware the COVID-19 Pandemic has created major challenges to every enterprise around the globe. Post-Secondary Academic Institutions are no different. Every College and University is undergoing a complete assessment of its delivery model, including St. Clair College.

The staff at St. Clair College have dedicated considerable time and effort to determine the safest and best possible way to continue to provide a quality education to our students in all our programs for the upcoming Fall 2020 Semester.

We are undergoing a thorough assessment of every single program (including Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship), classroom, lab and every area of the institution to ensure the safety of our students and staff when we do return to face-to-face activity. This assessment also includes a comprehensive analysis of every course to determine the best blend of virtual learning opportunities versus a conventional in-person platform in order to complete the program outcomes. Classes are being designed to be flexible and accommodating.

Please be assured that we are committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible education in your upcoming academic semester regardless of the method of delivery.

As a follow-up to the President's message on May 19, 2020, here are the current academic plans. The current spring semester is running on-line. We are hoping that we will be able to conduct a "pilot" in-person delivery for graduating students that still require face-to-face elements from the Winter Semester in early July. If that is successful, with the approval of public health officials, we may be able to conduct some face-to-face delivery of our Spring Semester in August. This will include all post-secondary programs, Apprenticeship, and Pre-Apprenticeship programs.

Our number one priority is safety and, as such, the College must ensure that we follow the direction of public health authorities and acquire the appropriate approvals for reopening College campuses when it is safe to do so. This approach will likely result in a reduced student population on our campuses whenever and wherever possible, as well as adhering to social-distancing/group-gathering restrictions.

In order to give our staff enough time to prepare, our Fall Semester will commence on Monday, September 21, 2020, which is two weeks later than originally planned. The College is currently planning for a 13-week semester.
There may be a few programs within the School of Health Sciences which are governed by accreditation bodies that may require a start date of September 8, 2020 to achieve a full 15-week semester for practical skills. These affected students will receive further instructions from their program coordinators regarding semester start date and semester length once the analysis of the program is complete.

St. Clair College prides itself on its reputation for excellence in education and especially in providing the tangible hands-on skills necessary for our graduates to be successful in their chosen careers.  

Please be reassured that you have made the right decision to come to St. Clair College. Our students are the reason we exist. To that end, we will continue to provide the quality education that is expected of us and has made St. Clair College a recognizable academic institution globally. Our ability to cover curriculum remains (as has always been the case) indisputable.

We sincerely thank our graduating students, who are awaiting the completion of their Winter studies, for their patience as we still endeavor to navigate a return to labs and clinicals for completion of program outcomes.

I very much look forward to seeing you all in our hallways once again, when it is safe to do so. I enjoy the vibrance that our students bring to our campuses which truly defines who we are...Proud professionals creating the next generation of excellence.


Waseem Habash
Vice President, Academic