Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate | St. Clair College

This graduate (post-diploma or post-degree) certificate program is intended for those seeking employment in Human Resources Management or for individuals already in the field who wish to update and expand their skills in order to pursue a career in Human Resources Management and secure the CHRP designation. For further information go to or call 1-800-387-1311.

Students who meet the graduate certificate admissions criteria and successfully complete the required courses will qualify for a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from St. Clair College. Prospective candidates who are planning to begin taking courses towards this credential on or after September 1, 2008 should be aware that at the time of application for the graduate certificate, they will be required to show proof of a previous diploma or degree from an approved post-secondary institution or the equivalent in years of professional experience in the Human Resources field. Individuals with questions about this should call (519) 972-2711.

In addition, the courses will be accredited by the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario towards the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam. Students who have completed the Human Resources Studies Certificate will be able to further their studies through this program.

Admission Requirements:

Two or three-year college diploma or university degree

NOTE: Continuing Education students who began the Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate program prior to Spring 2018 should consult the Continuing Education Office for advice regarding program completion, at (519) 972-2711 or

HRM 110 - Accounting Principles I
HRM 105 - Human Resources Management
HRM 310 - Organizational Behaviour and Change Management
HRM 330 - Employee - Management Relations
HRM 440 - Compensation and Employee Benefits
HRM 450 - Strategic Training and Development
HRM 490 - Legal Aspects of Workplace Law
HRM 210 - Accounting Principles II
HRM 422C - Management Accounting for HR
HRM 430 - Global Business Management
HRM 470 - Occupational Health & Safety
HRM 480 - Performance Management
HRM 500 - Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices
HRM 605 - Topics in Human Resources Management