Research Areas | St. Clair College

Applied Research and Development at St. Clair College supports applied research projects and technical services that align with the needs of the local community and beyond. Areas of expertise are summarized by the 5 thematic research areas listed below. Our research capabilities enable us to collaborate with companies and organizations to develop solutions to specific needs.

  • Smart Manufacturing - connecting digital and physical products and processes, including digital twin, industrial internet of things (IIoT), cybersecurity.
  • Additive Manufacturing - 3D print components in plastic and metal, design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) guidelines, material testing.
  • Robotics/Automation - pick and place projects with collaborative robots, material handling projects with AGV, vision system integration, programming
  • Connected Vehicles - explore the sensors, data transmission, data collection, and data analysis from vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicles - in partnership with local organizations, explore the interaction of autonomous vehicles with people, other vehicles, and infrastructure
  • Electric Vehicles - explore battery technology and charging technology
  • Greenhouse - develop solutions to address efficiency of operations in picking and packaging
  • Food Processing - develop solutions to address bottling and canning of products
  • Beverage - chemical analysis of various beverage products
  • Patient Care - develop solutions to address optimal patient care
  • Remote Care - implement technological solutions to assist remote patients
  • Pedagogy - research on health care education
  • Vulnerable Populations - develop solutions to assist vulnerable populations, such as autism, social justice applications
  • First Nations - develop solutions to assist First Nations