Academic Misconduct: Penalties & Process | St. Clair College

Important Note: Below are the highlights of the Student’s Code of Rights & Responsibilities as they pertain to academic misconduct. It is not the official or complete Code. Download the complete/official Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Academic Misconduct Violations

Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to instances of cheating, plagiarism, impersonation, or disruption of instructional activities.

  • Cheating, Impersonation, and Plagiarism
    No student shall:

    • Make information available to another student knowing the material is to be submitted as the borrower’s own work;
    • Copy from another student;
    • Use unauthorized material;
    • Submit a take-home exam written by someone else;
    • Impersonate a candidate in an exam or test;
    • Submit essays, assignments, computer programs, etc., written, in whole or in part, by someone else;
    • Prepare essays, assignments, computer programs, etc. for submission by another student;
    • Use direct quotations or sections of paraphrased material without citing appropriate references;
    • Purchase or sell term papers;
    • Copy or submit, in whole or in part, electronic files or data created by another person without the instructor’s permission;
    • Alter or falsify academic records in any way;
    • Submit false medical, and/or academic information.

Specific Penalties for Academic Misconduct

  • A warning, orally/spoken or in writing, may be issued to a student by a faculty member or invigilator specifying that the student has allegedly violated a specific section of the Code and that further disciplinary action may be taken;
  • Resubmission of assignment, either the same or an alternate assignment, with the grade assigned at the discretion of the faculty member to whom the assignment is submitted;
  • A mark of “0” assigned by the faculty member with no opportunity to resubmit the assignment.
  • A failing grade in the course assigned by the faculty member only after consultation with the Program Coordinator and Program Chair.
  • Immediate interim suspension from the College for a period of not less than the end of the current semester in which the student is enrolled. This penalty will only be issued by the Dean/Principal or their supervisor(s) on the recommendation of the Program Chair and the staff member involved in investigating the violation of the Code;
  • Dismissal from the College for not less than one full academic year may result from repeated offenses of Academic Misconduct. Dismissal may only be issued by the Dean/Principal or their supervisor(s).